Academic Life

For over 150 years, Epsom has continued to deliver a first-class education and is particularly proud of its academic success, boasting consistently high results and excellent access to the top universities. With its medical heritage, the College has a worldwide reputation for excellence in the sciences, which now extends to all areas of its broad academic curriculum.

Everyone at Epsom is encouraged to achieve his or her maximum potential. The curriculum begins at 13+ with a very varied and balanced range of subjects, including three European languages, three separate sciences, ICT, music, art, drama and design technology. The large sixth form of over 300 pupils offers an enormous choice of subject combinations, which meets the needs of keen specialists as well as generalists for University entrance.

For the last five years, Epsom has consistently achieved high value-added scores at both GCSE and A-level. Epsom is not a selective "hothouse", yet its results are above the average for such schools, offering a challenging and stimulating academic environment for able pupils.

In the lower school we have introduced IGCSEs in the core subjects. These examinations provide a more rigorous preparation for A-level study and remove some of the more repetitive and tedious aspects of GCSE coursework.

In the sixth form most pupils follow a course of four subjects to AS-level in the Lower Sixth and many now opt for the new, challenging qualifications of the Pre-U, Extended Project (a research-based study) and Critical Thinking. These qualifications are designed to stretch our pupils beyond the scope of AS specifications alone. Most pupils take three subjects at A2-level in the Upper Sixth, with many taking four or five.