Co-Curricular Programme 

Activities Co-ordinator: Mr Alex Buhagiar.
Email: alexander.buhagiar@epsomcollege.org.uk

On entry to the College, all pupils embark on a programme of activities that gives them the opportunity to experience and acquire a diverse range of skills.

We believe that our pupils should have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of enriching co-curricular experiences. There should be a breadth of activities for boys and girls of all ages to enhance their school days with variety and discovery.

Our co-curricular programme is both formal and informal, with involvement in clubs, workshops, lectures, young enterprise groups, as well as interactions with academic departments - an expected and pleasurable part of the daily routine.

Aside from the numerous sporting clubs, these activities range from different elements of dance - ballet, tap, zumba and street - to a whole range of creative activities such as art classes and pottery, even working towards a qualification in the LAMDA classes, where communication and performance skills are practised.

The effectiveness of this holistic co-curricular programme is measured by the fact that every pupil chooses what they want to do and has a full and active programme.

The aim is to create a co-curricular programme that fosters tolerance and teamwork, and develops integrity, enthusiasm, resilience, fairness, humility, warmth and confidence; the key elements of leadership. We also expect to produce the skills of time management and promote the ability to use time as profitably as possible.

The cultural hour - between 6-7pm - enhances this programme and every day there are additional voluntary events and lectures, many run for and by pupils themselves, in order to inspire and enhance the life of the mind, making intellectual connections outside the classroom.

We accept that individuals will want to become specialists as they progress, but the aim of the co-curricular programme is to help develop well-rounded individuals with all the qualities that will enable enjoyment of life to the full and for the pupils to be enriched by their breadth of experience.

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