Departments/Academic Curriculum

The Lower School

Middle Fourths (Year 9)

The aim is to provide as broad a curriculum as possible before pupils choose the optional GCSE subjects. All subjects in the table below are studied, except that a choice is made between German, Mandarin and Spanish. The College will select two sets of pupils to study Latin from those pupils who perform particularly well on Latin papers at Scholarship and CE.

 A B
 English Language               
 English Literature Computing
 Mathematics Design Technology
 French Drama
 Biology Geography
 Chemistry German
 Physics History
  Mandarin Chinese
  Theology and Philosophy

Upper Fourths & Fifths (Years 10 & 11)

These are the two years leading to GCSE. In the Lent Term of M4, pupils will have been asked to choose three subjects from column B. At least one should normally be from the Humanities (Geography, History or Theology and Philosophy). In addition, they will take the seven subjects in column A through to GCSE giving a total of ten subjects. The top two Mathematics sets will normally study an AS module alongside IGCSE Maths and will sit both IGCSE Maths and the C1 AS papers at the end of fifth form. IGCSE examinations are taken in the three separate sciences, Mathematics and Information Technology. There is a period of Physical Education in the M4 and U4 years. These years also have a period of Personal and Social Education and Information Technology, and fifth formers have a period of general Religious Education. AS Critical Thinking is offered as an additional subject for some pupils from U4. For more information on GCSE subject choice click here.  Please click here for the GCSE choices booklet.

The Sixth Form

All pupils follow a course of 4 subjects to AS level in the Lower Sixth and sit the AS exams in the June of their Lower Sixth year. Those taking Mandarin Pre-U from September 2013 will sit all their exams in that subject at the end of the Upper Sixth Year. A number of the most able take all four on to full A2 level in the Upper Sixth, whilst the majority takes three. The subjects are chosen from those listed below. We try to accommodate all combinations. Arrangements are made for pupils to take AS or A2 levels in their first language if this is not English. Classical Greek can somtimes be taught by special arrangement.

 Art French Photography
 Biology Geography Physical Education
 Business Studies German Physics
 Chemistry History Politics & Government
 Computing Latin Philosophy & Ethics
 Design & Technology Mandarin Chinese Spanish
 Economics Mathematics Theatre Studies
 English Music 

In the Lower Sixth, many pupils opt to follow an AS course in Critical Thinking. Some are able to join the Young Enterprise Scheme. There will also be an opportunity to undertake an Extended Project giving an opportunity for extended individual research. In the Upper Sixth, the Securities and Investments Qualification is offered.