Frequently Asked Questions

Can a pupil board in Year 7 & 8?

We offer boarding for these two year groups and they will be accommodated in two of our existing boarding houses in self-contained areas.  They will be separate from the senior boarders and will have their own common areas.


Will students in Year 7 & 8 be prepared for an entrance exam into the M4 (Year 9)?

A pupil will be offered a place in the Lower School on the strength of his or her performance in the Epsom College entrance examination. As with the rest of the College, only pupils who are able to demonstrate strong academic skills will be offered a place in the Lower School. They will be expected to demonstrate these skills throughout their Year 7 and Year 8 and will sit end of year exams in the same way as M4 (Year 9) and U4 (Year 10) pupils do.  Entry into the M4 will be conditional on them maintaining these standards, and any concerns with the progress of an individual pupil will be discussed with their parents as they become apparent.


If I want to keep my child at prep school will he/she sit Common Entrance in Year 8 as usual?

Pupils wishing to join the College at 13+ will sit the Epsom College entrance examination in Year 6. Successful applicants will be offered a deferred place for entry at 13+ on the condition that they maintain high academic standards in Year 7 and Year 8, receive a successful transfer report from their prep school and give a strong performance at Common Entrance. Their results at Common Entrance will be used for setting purposes in M4.


I am very fond of my Prep School and my other children took Common Entrance to gain entry to Epsom College, why should I take a different route for my youngest child?

Some children are ready to move at 11+ whilst others would benefit from continuing their education at their prep school and moving at 13+.  By introducing an 11+ entry at Epsom, parents are able to select an entry level that best suits their individual child after full consultation with their child's prep school. There is no expectation from the College that all siblings would, or should, follow the same entry route.  


What scholarships and bursaries will the College be offering?

There are scholarships available for pupils joining at 11+, and these are assessed in a similar way to those offered at 13+. The College is currently reviewing the provision of scholarships across the whole school and further information will be available in due course.  The College has limited bursary funds available for those with a proven financial need and some of these funds will be set aside for pupils joining the Lower School.


Who is in charge of the Lower School?

The Headmaster, Jay Piggot, remains as Headmaster of the both the Lower and Senior School. Ed Lance is the Head of the Lower School and oversees the operation of this part of the College and its integration with the rest of the school.


Is there any Saturday school?

There are no formal lessons on a Saturday morning but as well as midweek fixtures, some games fixtures are scheduled for Saturday mornings and all pupils selected for a team are expected to attend.


Is there a school bus?

Lower School pupils are able to use the current school transport system. There are five bus routes covering the Walton/Weybridge, Hampton/Hinchley Wood, Merrow/East Horsley/Leatherhead, Putney/Wimbledon and Redhill/Reigate areas, as well as a minibus shuttle from Epsom Station. The timing of the Lower School day, and the supervision offered at both the beginning and end of the day, allows the pupils to use this service to and from school.


What about pupil security?

Entry and exit into the Lower School building is through the main door only, situated immediately adjacent to the Reception office, which is staffed throughout the school day.  Further security measures are in place within the building itself. 


School uniform

The Lower School has been developed as part of the overall vision and direction of Epsom College. We believe, therefore, that the identity of the Lower School should be closely associated with that of the Senior School, whilst acknowledging that Lower School pupils would like an identity of their own. As such, pupils wear the same uniform as the Senior School but with a different jumper and tie. Likewise the sports kit is similar to that of the senior school, comprising track suit, skort/shorts and school polo shirts. Coloured bibs are used for inter-house events.


What are the fees?

The day fee is £5,928 per term.


For any further questions please contact Cathy Kent, Director of Admissions. Email: admissions@epsomcollege.org.uk