Governing Body

The Governors of Epsom College are also Directors and Trustees of the company. They determine the general policy of the College, delegating its day-to-day management to the Headmaster, Bursar and their senior management teams. 

The Governors, up to a maximum of 16, are appointed at the Annual General Meeting by the authorised representative of The Royal Medical Foundation of Epsom College. A majority of Governors must be Trustees of this parent charity. 

Potential Governors are nominated by past or present Governors, the Headmaster or other professional groups. The Governors will consider the eligibility, personal competence, specialist skills and local availability before any recommendations are made.

Governors' Training

New Governors are inducted into the workings of the College, both as a company and as a charity, by being invited to attend all of the sub-committee meetings, as well as the Board meetings, in their first year of appointment. In addition they are provided with guidance from both AGBIS (Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools) and ISC (Independent Schools Council), and are given the opportunity to attend relevant training courses. 

Organisational Management

The Governors generally meet three times a year. There are, in addition, three permanent sub-committees: one for Finance and Infrastructure, one for Development and the third for Education and Pastoral matters. These sub-committees meet at least once a term.

During the year the Governing Body meet three times for routine matters and also for one full day together to discuss the Governors' and Headmaster's vision for the school. This provides an opportunity to hear about, examine and develop College-wide issues for which there would be insufficient time at the regular termly meetings. These meetings also provide the opportunity for other members of the school staff to make presentations to the Governors.

The Governors:

Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen (Chairman)

Dr Alastair Wells (Vice Chairman) 

Ms Sarah Williams (Treasurer)

Dr Jeremy Bolton 

Mrs Fiona Boulton

Dr Hywel Bowen-Perkins

Mr Keith Budge

Mrs Belinda Dolbear

Mr John Hay

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb

Mr David Maunder

Mr George Pincus

Mrs Stephanie Piper

Mrs Karen Thomas

Mr Mark Ralf

Mr Clive Watson


Anyone wishing to contact the Chairman of the Governors should do so in writing. Please direct all communications to Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen, Chairman of the Governors, c/o The Bursar's Office, Epsom College, College Road, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4JQ.