Head of Department: Mrs C A Gamble.
Email: christine.gamble@epsomcollege.org.uk

Mathematics is indeed the start of everything and it is a vital subject for life, even when it is not directly applied. It encourages people to think and a firm grounding in mathematics allows everyone to maximise their potential. We wish to encourage students to think, to realise the importance of mathematics and most importantly to discover that mathematics is fun.

The joy of successfully solving a problem or even grasping a different idea can be extraordinary and everyone should have this opportunity.

We aim to ensure that all IGCSE students produce their very best, in order to facilitate the opportunity to study the subject further, or to progress into different areas with greater confidence.

Those that choose their AS and A2 subjects wisely will benefit from studying mathematics for its scientific rigour and its natural artistic beauty.

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Year 7/Third Form

Pupils begin the year with an introduction to algebra and then continue to study a challenging Key Stage 3 course linked to the OUP MyMaths syllabus. Topics from areas of number, algebra, graphs, shape and space, statistics and probability are explored and linked together with an investigative approach to encourage pupils to develop an enquiring approach in mathematics. Problem-solving skills are built into the course and pupils will complete a mixture of individual and group work both on-line and in exercise books.

Year 9/M4

All students study number, algebra, geometry and probability and statistics to consolidate and build upon their previous learning in preparation for IGCSE.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their problem-solving skills throughout the course with longer activities and unstructured problems at the appropriate level for their current understanding in which discussion and work in small groups or pairs is undertaken. All pupils are encouraged to explore their mathematics and aim for a deeper understanding of the subject as a whole.


Over the next two years all sets work through the requirements of the Edexcel Higher level IGCSE. They meet important topics, such as Trigonometry, Set Theory, Functions, Vectors and Differentiation.

Sets 1 and 2 also cover the AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics course in the 5th form which further encourages the development of problem solving and application.


All pupils follow the Edexcel A level syllabus. The use of technology is a key area and pupils will use a range of software and applications as well as scientific calculators to investigate and analyse problems.

Students may opt for:

  • A-level Mathematics (C1, C2 and S1 in the L6th and C3, C4 and M1 or S2 in the U6th).
  • A-level Further Mathematics (C1, C2, FP1, M1, M2, S1 in the L6th and C3, C4, FP2, FP3, M3, S2 in the U6th). This is a fascinating, but very demanding course, for strong, natural mathematicians. It is possible to take an AS in Further Mathematics at the end of L6 and then continue with A-level Mathematics to A2.

Department Staff

Head of Department

*Mrs C A Gamble MA (Cantab)


Department Teaching Staff

Mrs F G Buzzacott BSc (Exeter)

Mrs K Hancock BSc (London School of Economics), PGCE (Sussex)

S Hibbitt BA (York)

D T Reeve BSc, MRes (Lancaster), PGCE (Cumbria)

Miss F K Smith BSc (Bristol), PGCE (Bristol)

J F Stephens BSc (Liverpool)

T Stone BSc (Plymouth)

J D Wallace MEng (Oxon)

P J Williams BSc (Dunelm)

A J Wilson BSc, MSc (Warwick)


The Department has eight well designed classrooms all equipped with smartboards.


Students have the opportunity to tackle various Maths competitions - the Junior Mathematical Challenge in Years 7 and 8, Intermediate Mathematical Challenge in Years 9, 10 and 11 and the Senior Mathematical Challenge in Years 12 and 13. Those that perform well will be invited to the challenging further stages, such as the British Mathematical Olympiad. A number of students are usually invited to masterclasses and summer schools as a result of their performance in these challenges.

We also enter the Senior Team Maths Challenge in the regional heat hosted at the college and the Year 10 Maths Feast event. With the arrival of our new Lower School pupils we will also be able to enter the Y8/9 Maths Team challenge.

All pupils have the opportunity to take part in maths enrichment activities and to hear from visiting speakers.