Scholarships and Exhibitions

A Scholarship is a major award for excellence in academic study, the arts or sport. An Exhibition is a minor award given to those who also demonstrate a high level of potential but who are not quite of scholarship standard. Boys and girls holding awards invariably go on to contribute much to school life throughout their time at the College and the school community holds them in high regard. For many, an award serves primarily as an acknowledgement of their achievements; for others, an award is a route to securing more significant financial support via a Bursary.

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Over recent years, Epsom College has reviewed the value of non-means-tested Scholarships and Awards, which can now be worth between £750 and £6,000 per annum.

The College has a limited Bursary Fund which is used to help widen access to the College to disadvantaged families. Those families with a proven financial need can apply for a means-tested bursary to supplement any scholarship that their son or daughter may have been offered. Significant bursaries are generally awarded to pupils who are able to demonstrate a particular talent and who are, therefore, in receipt of an award recognising their ability, but smaller bursaries may be available to other pupils who do not qualify for a scholarship or exhibition.

The College continually reviews the way in which access to an education at Epsom College can be extended further to allow more talented youngsters with less financially fortunate families to benefit from the superb education that the College offers. As at September 2015, 39 pupils are in receipt of means-tested support from the College. This support is provided with the help of the Education Trust, Epsom College Bursary Funds, The Old Epsomian Club and other generous benefactors. The value of each bursary varies but can be equivalent to up to 100% of the fees. 

Parents who feel their particular financial circumstances may mean that they would qualify for financial help are encouraged to read the guidance the school publishes on the assistance available. This document can be downloaded by clicking here.

Funds are limited and new parents are, therefore, encouraged to apply six to twelve months before a pupil enrolls at the College. Existing parents should speak to the Bursar at the earliest possible opportunity following a change in their financial circumstances.

To download a bursary application form click here.

There may be other solutions available to help parents in financial difficulties if they do not qualify for a bursary or there are no further funds available for a particular academic year. Please contact the Bursar, email: bursar@epsomcollege.org.uk, for more information.