Statement of Aims

At Epsom, our aim is to provide exceptional all-round opportunities – academic, social, sporting and cultural – in a safe, inspiring and supportive community. The College was founded on the twin Victorian principles of excellence and benevolence and our aim is to nurture individuals who aspire to these principles, and who may, in time, commit their lives to making a difference in society. 

We challenge pupils to develop their talents and broaden their interests; to become confident in themselves and to be tolerant and appreciative of others.  

• To provide a flourishing co-educational environment for boarding and day pupils;

• To deliver a modern, challenging and stimulating academic curriculum;

• To prepare pupils for entry to university, including those who aim for places on the most competitive courses;

• To preserve and strengthen the College’s close traditional links to the medical profession;

• To provide comprehensive pastoral care and guidance under the leadership of dedicated and caring staff;

• To offer a wide range of co-curricular activities in order to foster the interest and maximise the individual potential of each pupil;

• To foster moral and spiritual values, tolerance and understanding in every pupil and from within Epsom’s Christian foundation;

• To develop a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to the community;

• To further genuine awareness, understanding and co-operation between College pupils and staff and its wider communities, both local and international;

• To create a community where pupils will find some things that will matter to them for the rest of their lives.