In designing the curriculum, we followed a number of key principles:

Skills for the future

First and foremost we have fashioned a curriculum that will develop skills for the future; key skills and knowledge required for GCSEs and A-level and, moreover, skills that will support a love of lifelong learning.

Learning how to learn

In essence, in the Lower School pupils are learning how to learn - the curriculum will develop the pupils' abilities to absorb, discern and assimilate knowledge.


We know pupils learn best when they are happy, healthy young individuals. Therefore, at the heart of the all that is achieved in the Lower School will be the pupils' wellbeing and their involvement in the Epsom community.

21st Century

In developing the Lower School curriculum, we have an opportunity to assess the requirements of a 21st century education. For example, Mandarin is delivered as a taught language in the Lower School. The College already has a successful Mandarin department for the older pupils and the Lower School allows the opportunity to learn the language from an earlier age. Technology, including tablets in the classroom, play a key role in the curriculum.


When it comes to Co-curricular opportunities at Epsom, anything is possible.

The life beyond the classroom for our Lower School pupils offers them the excitement, passion and commitment that can transform young lives and prepare them for the richest possible lives as adults.

As well as our outstanding sports facilities, pupils are given the opportunity to explore more unusual co-curricular opportunities to broaden their horizons. From equine to nautical; from rugby pitch to dance studio, our pupils will experience the expertise of highly skilled professionals within and beyond the Epsom community.

There are no timetabled lessons on Saturday, though pupils may be expected to play in fixtures in the morning. In addition, we offer further co-curricular activities on Saturday mornings, again with the support and coaching of our team of professional sportsmen and women.