Epsom College Lower School provides life-changing opportunities for the girls and boys under our care. We have created a community that encourages every pupil to make the most of their natural talents, and we want them to feel happy, supported and secure in their academic lives, co-curricular pursuits and friendships.

Central to the Lower School are the College's founding principles of benevolence and excellence; ideals which have informed every aspect of planning and operation to date. When we opened in September 2016, we recalled the first Epsom College Lower School, and we carry forward our timeless ethos of care and aspiration.

The characteristics of a Lower School education should be that of opportunity and an awareness from the pupils of their role in the community, both at Epsom College and in wider society. The core values embedded will centre around respect, responsibility and honesty, as well as equality of opportunity for the girls and boys, and each student feeling valued for their talents and contributions.

I look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Ed Lance
Head of Lower School