Carr House Reunion held

Steve Munford (Carr 2002-07) gives an account of the day

"Not even the awful weather could quell my excitement at seeing some of my old Housemates at the Carr House reunion for the first time since I left Epsom College in 2007. I was delighted to see the number of OEs present. The fact that the photographer struggled to get everyone into a group picture gives an idea of the number of people in attendance.

The boys that I went to school with have not changed much, still possessing many of the character traits that I remember them for.

After bringing each other, and our old teachers, up to speed with our lives, we headed over to Big School for lunch. Former Housemaster Stephen Oliver introduced Murray Young, the oldest of the former Housemasters in attendance, to say grace and a superb meal was served against the backdrop of a Carr House picture montage, which brought many a smile from all corners of the room.

After lunch, Chairman of Governors Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen – having made the unforgivable mistake of introducing himself as a former member of Fayrer House – gave us an update on the state of the College today. Everyone was delighted to hear that their old school is flourishing.

The afternoon\’s entertainment started with Jamie Hamill and William Broad, Carr\’s current Head of House, performing a flawless musical medley of Simon and Garfunkel\’s Mrs Robinson and Calvin Harris\’s The Girls on guitar.

Current Housemaster Mike Day then took the opportunity to welcome everyone officially to the reunion and also to embarrass a few of the more recent leavers with tales of the antics that have occurred in the House under his stewardship.

Following a very humorous account of life in Carr today by U4 students Jake McGrath and Tyger Drew-Honey, Eric Huxter was the first of the former Housemasters to speak. Eric\’s affection for Carr House was clear and set the tone superbly for those who followed.

After a stunning performance of Mariage d\’Amour on the piano by Jonathan Kwok, another former Housemaster, Mike Horrocks-Taylor, addressed the guests. His account of his cat and mouse game with "the 1995-2001 Carr smoking group" was a joy to hear and had everyone in stitches.

Toni Chan was the final student to perform for the guests and his note perfect singing of Over the Rainbow was a fitting climax to the entertainment. There was still time for Dr Ian Forster (Carr 1958-63) to deliver a very passionate speech about his time at Epsom and his receipt of a bursary. He was a superb ambassador for the bursary scheme and living proof of the excellent work of the Education Trust in providing opportunities for the less fortunate to come to Epsom College.

And finally a tour of the House. I wasn\’t expecting it to have changed much since I left but was very surprised to find that the computer room is now the boarders\’ room and there is a pool table in the brew room!

Seeing my old room brought about a touch of unashamed nostalgia. Just for a few minutes it was like being back at school and I couldn\’t help but think of all the wonderful times I had in Carr. Our time at the College was special. What better way to remember it?




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