Learning to work as a team

A highly successful programme introduced this term has seen pupils in the M4 year group receive training to develop their emotional intelligence and help them nurture positive relationships with their peers.

Organised by the College\’s Personal and Social Development (PSD) Coordinator and Crawfurd Housemistress, Helen Keevil, four workshops, run by a company called Team Thinking, are being held on Wednesday afternoons as part of the M4 activities programme.

The Prism workshop is designed to allow small groups of pupils to work together to develop positive relationships with each other and equip them with an awareness of other individuals. They are encouraged to recognise how their own behaviour influences and affects others and to enhance their individual communication skills.

"Team and people skills are essential elements for success and it is hoped that this experience will stand the pupils in good stead for their five years at Epsom," said Helen Keevil.

Tristan Stone, Head of Transition at the College, who is responsible for the social and educational welfare of pupils in the M4 year group, has been delighted with the progress made during the sessions.

"The Prism workshop has been an engaging and thought-provoking experience for the pupils. As well as taking part in group-based problem solving activities, they have been made more aware of the varying ways in which different individuals might view a common situation. They have also learnt more about how they, as individuals, tend to view the world and how this might differ from that of their peers," he said.

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