Father Paul named Honorary Canon to Guildford Cathedral

Revd Father Paul Thompson, Senior Chaplain at the College for the last 17 years, has been appointed as an Honorary Canon to Guildford Cathedral.

The Bishop of Guildford wrote to Father Paul early in December announcing the news as follows: "After consulting with the Dean it would give me very great personal pleasure to appoint you to an Honorary Canonry of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit. This is in recognition of your contribution to the life of our Diocese, Epsom College, and both locally and in the wider work in mission, we all share together".

The College of Canons at the Cathedral comprises lay and ordained members, and shares with the Cathedral Council and the Cathedral chapter in the governance of the Cathedral. Members of the College support the work of the Cathedral, as ambassadors in parish and beyond, by keeping in touch with the Dean regarding the work from and at the Cathedral. Canons are invited to robe for different occasions throughout the church year.

Canon Paul’s service of installation will take place on Sunday 28 January 2018 at 6pm, and he extends an open invitation to everyone associated with the College to attend.

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