Poetry Workshop with Francesca Beard

Yesterday evening we held our annual M4 Poetry Evening in Main Hall. We were delighted to be joined by Francesca Beard, a performance poet, who facilitated spoken word workshops for a selection of both Middle Fourth and Lower Sixth pupils during the afternoon.

The evening was well attended by both pupils, parents and teaching staff. This event is the culmination of eight weeks of poetry study in which pupils have had the opportunity to analyse poetry, both in class and independently. They have enjoyed sessions in the library in which they have explored different genres of poetry and been given the chance to write their own poems, inspired by the writers whom they have discovered.

Francesca judged three categories of work:  A Poem in the Style of… ; Best Original Poem; and a Recital Competition.

The winners and runners-up were as follows:

A Poem in the Style of…                  
Winner – Solomon Ekoku (Fa) – Europe in the style of Maya Angelou’s Africa
Runner-up – Alex Nienow (R) – The Awful Aunties in the style of Wendy Cope’s A Christmas Life
Distinction – Callum Ruth (Fa) – The Garage in the style of The Barn by Seamus Heaney

Best Original Poem                        
Winner – Gemma Rose Laughton (Rv) – The Drought                                                      
Runner up – Sabrina Singh (Rv) – Dialogue Between Life and Death                                                           
Distinctions – Kameron Padayachy (M) – The Shadow; and Ollie Eames – Goodbye

Winner – Fraser Spalding (Fa) – Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
Runner up – Ellie Jordan (M) – Frist stanza of East Coker (No.2 of Four Quartets) by T.S. Eliot

To finish the evening, Francesca awarded the prizes to the winning competitors and then gave a wonderful rendition of one of her own poems.

The evening was very much enjoyed by staff, pupils and parents alike and was a fitting celebration of the talent and dedication which the Middle Fourth year group have shown throughout their poetry studies.

By Miss Emily Evans, Head of English

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