Cultural hour debate – which historic character will survive?

Upper Fourth pupils were faced with a hypothetical debating challenge. Picture this: a hot air balloon which is rapidly losing height, to save the balloon, certain characters from history need to be thrown out so that it can gain height. Each character needs to justify their place in the balloon and only one character survives!

Seven intrepid characters put their names forward to be considered the greatest person in history. All rose to the challenge, giving thoughtful and logical rationale to justify their place in the balloon. After much toing and froing, with important interjections and questions from the floor, George Washington defeated Sir Alexander Fleming and Genghis Khan, and survived the impending crash, in a competitive final round of interrogation.

Many congratulations to all involved for a successful debate and in particular the seven U4 who entered so gamely into the fray. They are Jessica Haigh (R), William Butt (Rn), Matthew Jones (C), Bruno Dent (H), James Bull (G), Theo Mully (P) and Clara Alexis (R). Special thanks also to Mr Conway whose measured mastery of events ensured enjoyable enlightenment for all.

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