Inter House Mini Bridge competition returns

On Thursday 28 June, 34 students took part in this hugely enjoyable inter-house competition, which has returned to the inter-house circuit after a 17 year hiatus. The cup will be presented to the winning house team next term.

Winning North-South Pairings:

1st Jamie Muller/Jonny Gamble (Rn)
2nd Henri Muller/Rosy Payne (Rv)
3rd Aliyah Wiiliams-Gordon/Jocelyn Chen (Cr)
4th Charles Cheng/Rory Cornelius-Smith (H)

Winning East-West Pairings:

1st Frank Yao/Alex Li (F)
2nd Richard Kapland/ Oli Yiannikis/Fred Brady (H)
3rd Ellie Jackson/Gabbi Shea (Rv)
4th Jackie Luo/John Wu (G)

Overall House Team Positions:

1st Raven
2nd Holman
3rd Robinson
4th Granville

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