Lower School Raises Funds for Toilet Facility in Malawi

Pupils in the Lower Fourth have raised money to “twin” one of the toilets in the Lower School building with a toilet in the developing world.

Lower Fourth pupil, Nicolas Cavaliere (W) explains: “Our Head of Year, Mr Reeve, delivered an assembly which taught us that a third of the world’s population don’t have access to toilets, which causes serious medical problems and spreads disease, amongst causing other problems. The fact that really hit me was that one child dies in the world every minute from poor sanitation. He told us that if we all worked together we could fund the building of a toilet for those in need. Everyone in the year really wanted to help and contributed a small amount of change to project, meaning we could build a toilet and help improve the quality of life for people in that village.

“Through the charity ToiletTwinning.org, the money raised was used to build a toilet in Mabilabo, Mzimba in Malawi and contribute to raising awareness in the developing world of the importance of sanitary hygiene. A plaque has been delivered to the Lower School to be displayed alongside our twinned toilet. It is hoped that subsequent year groups will, over time, continue the tradition and twin each of the toilets in the Lower School with toilets in countries all over the developing world.”

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