Ibis Open & Junior Shooting Trip to Bisley

Tilly White (W), Oliver Hughes (G), Thomas Booth (Rn) and Lexy Poulton (Fa) competed in the Ibis Open at Bisley on Sunday. This is an individual, adult competition, shooting at 300, 600, 900 and 1,000 yards.

Tilly finished as the top Under 19 competitor at short range (300 & 600 yards) with Oliver Hughes finishing third, behind a pupil from Greshams School.

At long-range (900 & 1,000 yards) it was windy and rainy, providing challenging conditions for our young markspeople. The wind can blow the bullet several metres off course and so the firer must compensate by adjusting their sights.

Each gradation on the sights represents one 240th of a degree of angle, which illustrates how still you have to hold the rifle! It was the Greshams pupil who took the top spot at long range, with Tilly second and Thomas Booth third. Overall on the day, Tilly drew with the Greshams pupil for first placed Under 19 competitor – perhaps a symbol of the friendly rivalry between the schools. Thomas Booth finished third.

Earlier in the week, a small group of Lower Fourth and Middle Fourth pupils shot at Bisley for the first time on the 200 yard ‘Short Siberia’ range.

Particular thanks go to Shooting Assistant Mr James Emeny for this unbridled enthusiasm for inspiring the younger shots. The future of the rifle team looks promising.

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