A wide-ranging series of concerts occur throughout the academic year, ranging from solo recitals and large-scale ensemble concerts, to musicals, performances in professional jazz clubs, and a series of contemporary concerts.

“Our tailor-made music programme challenges pupils to develop their talents and exposes them to high quality music making; however, our focus on inclusivity means that the less experienced are never left behind, with opportunities to perform and participate for all.”

Paul Johnson-Hyde, Director of Music

Pupils flourish within the department due to the range of opportunities available, the supportive attitude of their peers, and the direction of inspirational staff.

Participation in the department’s activities encourages pupils to develop self-discipline, become confident in themselves and to be tolerant and appreciative of others.

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  • We have a strong choral tradition here at Epsom. All pupils are involved in singing, whether it be hearty hymn singing in the Chapel or the fiercely-contested House Choral Competition. This culture is established right at the outset with all new Lower School pupils singing in the Third Form choir.
  • At the heart of this culture are the Chapel Choirs which lead the music in Chapel each week, and for special services. The senior Chapel Choir covers an extensive repertoire of sacred music during an academic year and is also given opportunities to perform outside school including regular cathedral visits and tours abroad. This is mirrored in the Lower School which has its own Chapel Choir.
  • We are always looking to stretch and challenge our finest singers. The Chamber Choir gives our senior choristers the opportunity to explore more complex repertoire and experience workshops with professional choirs. Many of our singers are members of national youth choirs and take up choral scholarships at universities.

  • There are numerous opportunities for instrumentalists at the College, whether it be larger-scale ensembles or our chamber music programme. The policy of the department is to provide two ensembles within each area of music-making; one ensemble that allows musicians to gain experience and another that stretches our most capable musicians.
  • Each year the music programme is tailor-made to the musical experiences of our pupils and seeks to provide them with a host of enriching musical opportunities.
  • Our Music Scholarship programme encourages scholars to participate regularly in chamber music, and they have regular meetings with departmental staff to discuss performance opportunities and their general progress.
  • Whether it be Rock Groups or Close Harmony singing, there are myriad opportunities for non-classical music-making. The department runs several band workshops led by our visiting music staff helping them both perform and write their own songs.
  • There are opportunities for pupils to get involved with music recording and production, such as producing their own music videos or recording songs they have written.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to work with and learn from our full-time audio technician who has a wealth of professional experience within the recording industry.

  • Jazz is increasingly popular at Epsom with highlights including our annual Jazz Night and performances at professional Jazz Clubs.
  • We have designed a programme that allows pupils to develop as jazz musician throughout their time at the college. Lower School have a junior blues ensemble which introduces pupils to the art of improvistion. This programme continues into the senior school with an inclusive jazz ensemble and the auditioned Big Band.