Epsom’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is one of the largest in the UK and is administered by the Ministry of Defence. All pupils join the CCF in Year 9, learning new skills such as orienteering, adventure training, and camp craft. At the end of Year 9 pupils then choose to continue CCF if they wish, by joining either the Army, Navy or RAF section.

In CCF pupils hone important life skills of service and leadership; developing an understanding of teamwork, dedication and organisation, and learning much about themselves and their connection to others along the way.

Initially, new skills are presented and cadets enjoy overnight camps, expeditions, orienteering, climbing, flying, sea experience and adventure training. Emphasis is then placed on leadership training to prepare the senior pupils to accept responsibility for the teaching of younger cadets.


Pupils choose to join the CCF Army section in the Michaelmas term of  Year 10. During their time they will undertake a field day at school where they will complete a whole range of military activities and an end of year camp.

In Year 11 they will then join the Advanced Infantry and complete more field days which will prepare them for their role as cadet NCOs. In their Lower Sixth they complete a specialist course in Leadership and in their final year as senior NCOs they will teach the Year 10 pupils various military skills in handling weapons, marching and battleground preparations.


The CCF Royal Navy (RN) provides cadets with leadership and teamwork skills through activities related to the work of the RN; including powerboating and sailing skills. It also provides cadets with access to adventurous training, canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, and yachting courses, all of which are accredited by their respective National Governing Body.

This unit undertakes at least two field trips each year, which expose cadets to the opportunities and experiences afforded by the RN.

Royal Air Force.

The CCF Royal Air Force (RAF) provides cadets with opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork and general life skills while exposing them to life/practices encompassed by the RAF.

Cadets will progress through three levels of proficiency via the RAF academic syllabus, which is supported with extra-curricular activities, such as command tasks, flying, adventurous training, and regional competitions in these subjects.

The CCF RAF also provides cadets with numerous nationally-run courses and opportunities for further development, such as national/international camps, flying scholarships and leadership training, as well as College run trips at least twice per year.