We are conscious that the attitudes pupils develop while at school will remain with them throughout their adult lives, and we take this responsibility seriously. Through our charity work we foster a culture in which our pupils appreciate their responsibility to, and links with, other members of their community, and society at large.

We have a number of charities that we support; offering financial help, voluntary hours, and assistance by many other means.

Students run their own charity committee, choosing which causes to support each year and organising events to raise much-needed funds.

Help overseas.

Over recent years our pupils have funded the rebuilding of a school in Kosovo; helped purchase a farm for street children in Rio de Janeiro; and raised vital funds for an eye hospital in India, which restores the sight of patients unable to afford this life-changing surgery. A group of pupils recently visited the hospital to support the work of the surgeons and see first-hand how the money would be put to use.

Closer to home.

In addition to the charity work overseas, we have supported local charities in their crucial work in a huge number of fields: cancer, homelessness, children with brain injuries, food banks and mental health.

Whatever the cause, and however we can lend our support, the act of giving instils a sense of living purposefully; of being grounded, appreciative and aware.