As has always been the case, the health and wellbeing of all pupils will be monitored by our highly-trained medical team, based in our Medical Centre. The Medical Centre provides 24/7 cover for pupils during term time and consists of a College Doctor, a Senior Nurse, seven other nurses, and a College Counsellor.

The Medical Centre provides 24-hour, 7-day per week cover for pupils during term time. If a pupil displays a temperature, or other Covid-19 symptoms, the following protocol will be followed:


Step 1

The pupil contacts the Medical Centre for triage assessment by a member of the medical team.


Step 2

The pupil is assessed in the Medical Centre, if appropriate.


Step 3

If it is confirmed that a pupil is displaying Covid-19 symptoms, they will be isolated and tested.

Testing arrangements are that day pupils and weekly boarders will be sent home immediately, and required to organise testing through the NHS.

The College will arrange for full boarders to be tested either at a local testing site, or at school using testing kits provided by Public Health England.


Step 4

Pupils will either go to their home, or to a guardian. Those who cannot go home will be cared for in school. If required, we will transfer pupils to the local hospital.


Step 5

All pupils who may have been in contact with the patient will be made aware, and assessed.

Public Health England defines contacts as follows:

  • Direct close contacts: people who have had face-to-face contact with the patient for any length of time, within one metre. This would include being coughed on, a face-to-face conversation, or unprotected physical contact (skin-to-skin).
  • Proximity contacts: those who have had extended close contact (within one to two metres for more than 15 minutes) with the patient.
  • Those who have travelled in a small vehicle, such as a car, with the patient.


Step 6

All pupils who test positive for Covid-19 will have an assessment with the Medical Centre Team in order to confirm their return to College.

Return to school may only be permitted after a minimum of 10 days from onset of symptoms, provided the pupil is asymptomatic and feels well enough to return. In some cases, this may be longer.

The Medical Centre Team will assess the pupil’s recovery remotely to advise on a safe return.


Positive Results

On confirmation of a positive test result, the College will follow the protocol laid out by the Government. This is to immediately contact the local health protection team, who will conduct a rapid risk assessment. The outcome of this risk assessment will determine the next steps. These include:

  • individual pupils being asked to self-isolate if they have been in close contact with the patient
  • larger groups – such as whole year groups – being asked to self-isolate, although this is only likely in the event that the health protection team suspects an outbreak (ie. two or more cases are identified).

Advice from the Government is that it if the College follows all necessary steps around social distancing shutting the entire school is unlikely to be necessary.

If an outbreak is suspected, Public Health England will dispatch a mobile testing unit to the College to test those who have been in contact with the patients. Testing will focus first on the patients’ immediate class, followed by year group, then the whole school if necessary.


Patient Confidentiality

Please be assured that confidentiality will be maintained at all times. The details and name of any pupil becoming unwell and/or testing positive will not be released, unless it is in the interest of the wider safety of the College community.