Face Masks

  • All pupils and members of staff who can wear a mask will be obliged to do so when moving around the College (masks are not currently required within lessons).
  • All staff and pupils will be issued with Epsom College facemasks.
  • All pupils travelling to/from school on College transport will be required to wear a face mask.
  • We are fortunate that Epsom College is a tolerant and accepting community, and we will manage this provision sensitively.


Testing Procedure

  • A pupil who displays a high temperature, or other symptoms, will immediately enter our Testing Procedure (outlined here).
  • Any visitors to the College will have their temperature checked on arrival, and will be asked to leave if results are high.


Frequent Hand Washing

  • Thorough handwashing routines will be in place, and pupils will be reminded of these regularly throughout the school day.
  • All visitors to the school will be asked to use hand sanitiser upon arrival.


Hand Sanitiser

  • Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the school, and staff, pupils and visitors will be reminded to make regular use of it.
  • Every school building, and every Boarding and Day House, will have hand sanitiser available for use at the entrance and at key locations throughout.
  • Use of hand sanitiser will be compulsory upon entry to the Dining Hall.


Enhanced Cleaning Regime

  • The College has developed an enhanced cleaning programme for the whole site, with daily cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and furniture.
  • Particular attention will be given to common touchpoints, such as keypads, light switches and door handles.
  • Wash areas, bathrooms and toilets in the Houses and Lower School will receive more regular, and enhanced, cleaning throughout the day.


Medical Centre

Epsom College has a highly skilled medical team, led by our School Doctor and a Senior Nurse, who operate from our onsite Medical Centre. This means that the school is very well-placed to support and care for pupils’ medical needs.

The Medical Centre is located in a specialist building that is separate from other parts of the site. This provides the capability to isolate and care for pupils who are unwell, or who are displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

The school will make extensive use of Covid-19 testing so that we may quickly assess whether a member of the community has the virus. Medical care, support and, if necessary, isolation pending the outcome of tests can be quickly provided.

A clear Testing Procedure for pupils displaying symptoms is in place, ensuring both fast and appropriate assessment of individuals, and also appropriate and timely medical support.

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