Class Sizes & Year Group Bubbles

  • We are fortunate at Epsom in that we have always kept class sizes small. This will continue next year, and will enable us to maximise the distance between pupils and teachers.
  • The move from 2m to 1m+ social distancing means that we will be able to have all pupils back full time from September with minimal disruption to classroom layouts while always ensuring appropriate social distancing.
  • All desks will be adjusted so as to be facing the front.
  • Pupils will be placed in year group bubbles (the entire Lower School will be a bubble in its own right) and will have most of their lessons taught in designated classrooms to minimise movement around the campus.


Large Gatherings

  • We will avoid large gatherings of pupils, wherever possible, and will not hold all-school events such as Assemblies and Chapel.
  • Year Group gatherings may take place under strict conditions.
  • We will use staggered mealtimes to minimise the numbers in Dining Hall at any one time, for breakfast, lunch and supper.



  • Pupils are able to order their choice of hot or cold meal, which will either be collected and eaten in the Dining Hall (on a rota) or at various locations around the school, dependent on the year group.


Visitors to the School

  • Updated protocols will be in place for all visitors to the school site.
  • All non-essential visits will be postponed until a more appropriate time. Subsequently, the usual Open Mornings will not run during Michaelmas Term.
  • All visitors to the site will be requested to use hand sanitiser, and we will temperature test all visitors as they register upon arrival.


Trips & Sport

  • All school activities will have new risk assessments carried out, ensuring that guidance on Covid-19 is incorporated.
  • If it becomes necessary to replace team sports, we have created a programme of games and activities that will meet social distancing requirements.
  • Contact sports will only be played if permitted by the international governing bodies, as well as the College’s own risk assessments.
  • We will take full advantage of our extensive, open campus to enable pupils to undertake exercise at a safe distance from others.
  • Updated protocols will be in place so that any trips or excursions will only go ahead if we are confident that pupils will be safe.
  • Current guidelines advise against all residential (ie. overnight) and international trips. These will, therefore, not take place until the situation changes, and government guidance is updated.