Epsom College was established in 1855 entirely through charitable contributions, to provide support for families of medical men who died or experienced significant hardship in their efforts to make a better society.

This charitable tradition has evolved over the last 150 years and has benefited many able individuals from a diverse range of social and cultural contexts; in turn, these individuals have broadened and enriched the educational experience of everyone in the College community.

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Epsom’s tradition of benevolence and excellence continues through the funds raised by the Development Department

Fee income allows for maintenance and upkeep, while true development can only come about through charitable support.

The aim of the Development Department is to raise vital funds that will enable Epsom College to continue developing its facilities and widen access in the 21st century.

You can support the College in a variety of ways. From Legacy Gifts, to support for our Capital Campaign to build The Mermaid. Find out more below.


Donations, big or small

Whether you can donate a large legacy, or make monthly donations, your support keeps the College moving forward, and keeps our pupils on a path to success.

All donations and offers of support are recognised by the College, no matter how large or small.

Every gift really does help make a difference to the education and lives of our pupils.




We do not care where our pupils come from, we only care where they are going to.

Wealth does not determine talent or ability, and Epsom is committed to delivering a first-class education to girls and boys no matter their social status or their family’s financial means.

But we can only fulfil this ambition with your support.



The Mermaid

Epsom’s £9.4 million centre of excellence will transform the educational experience of all pupils at the College. The Mermaid centre will become the home of the College’s cultural programme, seminars, debates and lectures.

A brand new space for co-educational learning and the ultimate preparation for life beyond Epsom.



Legacy Gifts

Leaving a legacy gift is one the best ways to support the College and future generations of pupils. It is also a touching and fitting way to ensure you are not only part of Epsom’s rich history, but a vital part of its unwritten future.

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