As a donor, you can help extend the College’s bursary provision. You can provide immediate and vital support by sponsoring (or helping to sponsor) a pupil all the way through the school, or in the Sixth Form. This provides an immediate and significant impact for the recipient and teaching and learning for all. Email the Education Trust to find out more.

The sum needed to name a bursary is £500,000, which would generate enough income to provide a significant annual bursary in perpetuity.


Maxwell Phair Bursary Fund

“I would urge OEs to support this Bursary Fund because it is a memorial to a great teacher and to his fellow masters at Epsom, and crucially, because it is all about maintaining the position of Epsom College as a charity.”

Dr Robert Ribeiro
(Granville 1955-1960)

The Education Trust actively seeks support for the Maxwell Phair Fund, established in memory of this distinguished master who taught at Epsom College from 1939 to 1969.

The aim is to create a £500,000 endowment, which will generate enough annual income to create a full bursary every year, in perpetuity.

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Neil Laing Bursary Fund

“He was far and away the best teacher I ever had, certainly the most admirable. He believed in me when (in my angry adolescence) it seemed nobody else cared at all. Neil made literature seem muscular and powerful rather than weedy; as you know, such things matter to a 16-year-old.”

Jeremy Vine
(Holman 1978-1982)

Neil Laing taught English at the College from 1974 to 2006 and served as Housemaster of Robinson from 1981 to 1996.

The long-term aim of the fund is to raise a capital sum of £500,000 which would generate enough income to provide a full bursary in perpetuity.

Bursaries really do change lives, enabling talented students whose parents could not afford the fees the opportunity to study at Epsom.

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General Bursary Fund

“Looking back, my five years at Epsom College played an extremely powerful developmental role in my life. I am extremely grateful for the scholarship and Bursarial support I received that helped me to attend Epsom College. I would like to thank all those who have supported Epsom’s Bursary Fund, which has such a powerful impact on the lives of many Epsomians.”

Sandy Reid
(Propert 2002-2007)

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OE Trust Fund

The OE Trust Fund provides financial support for the sons or daughters of OEs to come to Epsom College.

The Trustees award funds to suitable candidates upon the recommendation of the Bursar. Typically, these awards are made for the duration of a pupil’s time at the College.

Applications are currently being accepted for September 2022 entry onwards. For further information, please email the OE Club.


Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation

Epsom College is proud to be an accredited school for the Royal National SpringBoard Foundation, which is a charity that provides disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people with the life-transforming opportunity of a fully funded boarding school education.

The Education Trust raises funds to support SpringBoard students at Epsom College.

Visit the charity’s website to learn more