The Education Trust’s aim is to advance the Headmaster’s development plan for Epsom College, through charitable support. The Headmaster and Governors oversee the work of the Trust, which is carried out by the following dedicated staff and volunteers.

  • Helen Tranter, Education Trust Director

  • Caroline Matthews, Education Trust Officer

  • Colleen Mowbray, Education Trust Administrator


Fundraising Sub-Committee

  • Mr Clive Watson, Chairman (Rosebery 1974-79)

Epsom College Governor, Clive Watson is a long-standing donor and serves as Chairman of the Education Trust Board.

In 2011, Clive co-founded The City Pub Company (East) Plc that acquires and operates a portfolio of high-quality pubs in cities and major provincial towns in the South East.


  • Mr Richard Bland (Wilson 1978-82)

Richard, a former OE Club President, is Senior Consultant, Risk & Financial Services at Towers Watson, an insurance consulting firm based in Epsom.

He plays clarinet in the Band of the Surrey Yeomanry and is a member of Epsom Racecourse.

“I’m a passionate supporter of quality education in general and Epsom College in particular. Our children are our future and we must invest in them and give them the best possible education which fits their needs and ability.”


  • Mr Steven Kay QC (Propert 1968-73)

Steven, Honorary Secretary of the OE Legal Society and former OE Club President, is a barrister specialising in international criminal law.

“Education is an investment in the future for our society. Epsom College gave me an education and opportunity that shaped me and made my life. I support the Trust because it is a means by which we can provide for other children the opportunity to experience the finest education available.”


  • Mr Andrew Pianca (Crawfurd 1964-69)

Andrew, a former OE Club President, is the former Chief Executive of the accountancy firm, Crowe Clark Whitehill. He serves as Treasurer of Epsom College.


  • Dr Alastair Wells (Forest 1973-78)

Alastair, a General Practitioner based in Merstham, Surrey, is the Chair of Governors.

“I am grateful for the wonderful grounding and start in life that Epsom has given to both myself and my daughter. I hope other OEs will support the Trust to give others the opportunity we have had through attending this great school.”


  • Mr Roger Gill

Roger came to the College in 1986 and retired in 2013. He was Head of Modern Languages, Holman Housemaster and Deputy Head (Staff).


Campaign Board

  • John Bowerman (Granville 1969-74)
  • Ian Hargrave (Rosebery 1973-77)
  • Ashley Head (Chair and former parent)
  • Christopher Hyman (Former parent)
  • Martin Morris (Robinson 1977-82)
  • Tan-Sri Teo (Parent)
  • Anthony Todd (Rosebery 1973-78)
  • Clive Watson (Governor & Rosebery 1974-79)
  • Caroline Wiggins (White House 1978-80)
  • Jay Piggot (Headmaster)
  • Helen Tranter (Education Trust Director)