Keeping your details up-to-date ensures that you won’t miss out on any news or events from the OE Club. OEs Connected is the Club’s network, through which former pupils can find friends and post messages, as well as seek and offer careers advice.

Accessing your record

Click the button below to access your details. Please note that the area is password protected.

If you need to register, or have forgotten your details, please get in touch or use the form below.

Once you have registered you can update the password to one that is personal to you and easy to remember.

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Let others see your details

You choose the information you are willing to disclose and what you would prefer to keep private.

Disclosed information can only be viewed by others who have password-protected access to OEs Connected, including OEs and current or former members of Common Room.

Undisclosed information can only be viewed by members of staff in the OE Club and Education Trust office.

Please note, decisions about information disclosure can be made verbally or through written communication.


Careers & Mentoring

If you are willing to mentor a recent leaver by telephone, email, or in person, please go to the ‘Mentoring’ section in your record, give details of how you can help and tick the ‘available’ box.



If you have news you wish to share with the wider OE community, please let us know so that we can include it online and in our range of publications and email newsletters.



We welcome feedback on all aspects of the OE Club and Education Trust programme, as well as fresh ideas for the future.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.


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