Each Boarding and Day House is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress, assisted by a Matron and a team of tutors. Their role is pastoral in name, but in truth it goes far deeper than that. They guide your child through the choppy waters of adolescence; providing support, kindness and the time and space in which they can develop into young people ready to step out of Epsom confident and assured in who they are and what they stand for.

Your child’s House is more than a building, it is integral to their time and identity at the College.

Boarding in the Lower School.

Boarding in Years 7 and 8, our Lower School, is available through an innovative partnership with Feltonfleet. Feltonfleet is a Prep School we have a long and cherished relationship with, and which provides the kind of specialist boarding experience ideal for younger pupils.

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Forming bonds across Year groups.

Our House system ensures that bonds are formed across year groups – with senior pupils mentoring and supporting younger ones. Each House holds approximately 60 pupils, with 12 or so in each year group.

Ties are strengthened courtesy of the many interhouse events run throughout the year.

Cross Country, Choral Competitions, CCF, numerous sporting challenges, swimming galas and the annual Pancake Race are fun and competitive; where teamwork and learning how to win or lose with grace are the order of the day.

Nurturing talents.

Aside from this healthy competition, Houses hosts their own Soirees, in which each pupil helps to put on an evening of fine entertainment for families. Whether centre stage or behind the scenes, all play their part according to their talents and interests.

Our House system excels because it is run according to a boarding school ethos but available to all. The House is a place of security and loyalty, where friendships form and memories last.

Their House becomes a place where young people find the value in themselves and the joy of being part of something greater than themselves.

Time in the House.


All pupils, Day and Boarding, start their day in their House. Boarding pupils take their breakfast in the School Dining Hall, while Day pupils generally begin arriving at the College from 8am.

All then congregate in their Houses. Here, they start the day with their friends and peers and have time with Tutors – a crucial part of the pastoral care we provide. Registration is called at 8.25am.

Throughout the day

Pupils return to their Houses for registrations and for morning and afternoon break when snacks and refreshments are provided.

The end of the day

Day pupils go home each evening after 6pm (3pm on Saturday).

Weekly boarders go home after games on a Saturday to return on Sunday evening.

Full boarders generally stay at School throughout the term. In the evenings and at weekend, activities are laid on for full boarders, and they may visit each other’s Houses with permission from Housemasters and Housemistresses.

Equally, with prior permission, full boarders may spend time at weekends with the parents of their friends.

In all cases there is considerable flexibility to allow for the changing circumstances of families.

Epsom’s Houses.

Boys’ Boarding Houses

  • Forest
  • Granville
  • Holman

Girls’ Boarding Houses

  • Crawfurd
  • Wilson

Boys’ Day Houses

  • Carr
  • Fayrer
  • Propert
  • Robinson

Girls’ Day Houses

  • Murrell
  • Raven
  • Rosebery

Girls’ Day and Boarding House

  • White House

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