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Head of Target Rifle

Epsom College is seeking a Head of Target Rifle to oversee the running of small-bore and full-bore target rifle shooting at the College. The position may be combined with another role.

General Information

The Head of Target Rifle would hold the club Firearms Certificate and is responsible for the management of the team, competitions, training, administration and the Target Rifle budget. They would be expected to manage the coaching, attend all training sessions and matches, and oversee all administrative duties, compliance, maintenance on the College rifles and the upkeep of the indoor range.

It is anticipated that the Head of Target Rifle will have experience within the world of competitive target rifle or service rifle shooting, especially in the area of coaching. A thorough knowledge of range safety regulations and the safe handling of firearms is an absolute necessity. The candidate must be able to motivate and inspire young people to perform to their full potential. Enthusiasm and energy in encouraging new pupils to take up the sport is vital. The ability to form a good rapport with teenagers and oversee their development is also a key requirement.

A National Rifle Association coaching qualification is desirable, though experience as a coach is more important. A National Rifle Association Range Controlling Officer’s qualification would need to be held or obtained, if a current military full-bore RCO ticket is not held. As the position involves coaching CCF cadets as well as the Rifle Club, the post holder would have to accept a CCF commission and undertake the small-bore cadet RCO course, and carry that on to the full-bore qualification.

Epsom College have been national champions at Bisley in the Ashburton Shield 15 times, a record, most recently winning in 2010 and 2011. The College won the Cadet National Championships in 2021 and pupils shoot frequently for junior national teams. This is a unique opportunity for the right individual who is able to motivate and inspire young people, possesses excellent organisational ability and has established target rifle experience. Epsom College has a long history of excellence at Target Rifle shooting, both small-bore and full-bore, and over the last 25 years has consistently been amongst the top Target Rifle schools in the UK.

The College benefits from an 8-lane indoor .22 range and other training facilities including two electronic SCATT training systems. Full-bore training takes place in the summer at Bisley, and assistance is provided at various points throughout the year by other members of teaching staff and the College’s SSI. The College uses the Surrey Rifle Association as its base at Bisley, and enjoys support from a very active and hugely successful Old Epsomian Rifle Club. The Old Epsomian Rifle Club has many distinguished International shots, including Queen’s Prize, Bisley Grand Aggregate and Commonwealth Games Gold medal winners.

Duties and responsibilities


· Proactive leader for all matters relating to the success and development of the College’s Target Rifle programme;

· Responsibility for all Target Rifle and coaching provision both on and off site;

· An interest in and appreciation of the technical aspects of Target Rifle is necessary – particularly a high-level understanding of shooting technique;

· Actively promote Target Rifle at Epsom to both current and prospective pupils and within the cadet force movement, including online and in physical publications.

· An appreciation and commitment to safeguarding protocols

Training & Competitions

· Ensure that all team members and staff undergo full training in the safe handling of firearms and range safety procedures, and ensure that the same are rigorously adhered to;

· Coach members of the rifle club in the skills of target rifle Target Rifle both small-bore and full-bore, sometimes assisted by 3rd party coaches.

· Organise the small-bore and full-bore training and competition schedule (for school, national and cadet competitions) and make the appropriate entries as required, and as pre-agreed with the Assistant Head Total Curriculum;

· Train pupils to handle all military and civilian weapon systems safely and conduct weapons handling tests (WHT) for all military and civilian weapon systems when Skill at Arms qualified;

· Driving the school minibus to competitions and events or transporting equipment;

· Arrange prizes and internal competitions;

· Assist with general CCF training and service rifle training and competitions;

· Develop additional training programmes for Target Rifle scholars and other interested shots;

· Host competitions or events for other schools and cadet units;

· Organisation and delivery of inter-house full-bore and small-bore Target Rifle;

· Organisation and delivery of parents and staff Target Rifle competitions.


· Hold the Club Firearms Certificate and take charge of security arrangements and sourcing for the rifles and ammunition. Liaise with Home Office and Police as necessary;

· Plan, book and liaise with parents and take responsibility for all aspects of organising and leading relevant residential trips including Easter Bisley, Commonwealth Open, Schools Meeting, Imperial Meeting and others;

· Organise transport, accommodation, additional activities and feeding when necessary e.g. for away matches / Bisley trips;

· Provide the Assistant Head (Total Curriculum) with finalised fixtures for the calendar, including team lists, lunch times, departure times, start times and locations as and when requested;

· Provide the Head, Assistant Head (Total Curriculum) and Press Officer with an overview of the results on the day of the fixture;

· Provide the Head of CCF with information regarding any disciplinary or medical issues and complete accident reports promptly as necessary;

· Provide the Assistant Head Total Curriculum with an overview of the season’s results as and when requested and provide details and summaries for school publications and Final Roll;

· Plan and complete school and CCF administration for range days for training and competition at Bisley and at the College;

· Ensure all staff involved with Target Rifle and Target Rifle events are compliant with civil and military rules and that first aid and health and safety requirements are met at all times;

· Ensure kit and equipment meets safety standards and is maintained/renewed as necessary;

· Nominate pupils for awards as required (e.g. Major Colours, Full Colours). These should be submitted and sanctioned by the Director of Sport prior to any announcements;

· Ensure pupils are nominated and entered by the College for any county or national representative trials as appropriate;

· Manage the Target Rifle Budget, including providing the Bursar with any necessary annual budget requests and managing any allocated budget throughout the year;

· Oversee the purchase and recharging of Target Rifle equipment and trip costs;

· Oversee the maintenance of the club’s stock of firearms, adding to it and disposing from it as appropriate;

· Maintaining the general profile of the club, especially at Bisley, in particular ensuring that excellent relations are maintained with the Old Epsomian Rifle Club and other civilian clubs;

· Take responsibility for liaising with the 50 Club regarding finance and expenditure;

· Prepare pupils for continuing Target Rifle after leaving the College;

· Be responsible for other coaches and assistants, including their development and development reviews;

· Encourage recruitment of exceptional shots and pupils through links with other organisations.

· Organise team photos and dinners and recharges to the school bill as necessary;

· Awarding and keeping records of trophies. Security, engraving and timely return of trophies;

· Order and recharge suitable team kit, such as polo-shirts and jumpers.;

· Any other relevant administration including recording safeguarding incidents, as necessary.

· Assisting with CCF if requested.

· Liaise with other Target Rifle staff on all of the above, completing administration for HR and other necessary paperwork


An average of 37.5 hours per week during term time, with additional commitments during the school holidays.

In the Michaelmas and Lent terms, training/activity sessions run from approximately 2pm to 6pm, with Saturdays from 1-3pm, with occasional fixtures through to 6pm.

In the Summer Term, training and activity sessions run from 12.00-6pm Tuesday-Thursday, with Saturday Bisley sessions 11.30am-6.30pm.

Additional preparation/locking up time may be needed at either end of the sessions and Target Rifle scholars and others may require additional sessions during the school day. Session timings are subject to change. Remaining hours should be spent on the tasks listed above and any other suitable tasks

Events and Trips

The candidate should also be available to organise, attend and manage:

· 4 or 5 days pre-season training at Bisley (usually at one or other end of the Easter Holidays)

· Other competitions at Bisley and further afield such as the weekend competitions for the English meeting, Commonwealth Open, Gloucestershire Open and others. Potential for a school overseas tour.

· Schools’ Week and Imperial Meeting (approx. two weeks in total) in the summer holidays in July

· CCF Camps as appropriate

Epsom College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment.

No job description can fully cover all aspects of the role and consequently the responsibilities are likely to evolve and change over time. This description gives an overall view of the position.

Person Specification


· The post holder should have wide experience within the world of competitive target rifle, especially in the area of coaching, preferably with international experience;

· A thorough knowledge of range safety regulations and the safe handling of firearms;

· An understanding of Safeguarding protocols and procedures;

· An interest in and appreciation of the technical aspects of Target Rifle is necessary – particularly a high level understanding of Target Rifle technique in either/both small-bore or/and full-bore;

· A National Rifle Association Range Controlling Officer’s qualification is required, if a current military full-bore RCO ticket is not held;

· Full driving licence with D1 minibus (or willingness to gain this qualification);

· The post holder should be First Aid At Work qualified or prepared to undertake the necessary training to be so;

· As the position involves coaching CCF cadets as well as the Rifle Club, the post holder would have to accept a CCF commission (involving a basic CCF course) and undertake the small-bore cadet RCO course (including pre-requisite courses as necessary), and carry that on to the full-bore qualification. They are also expected to undertake the Skill At Arms (SAA) CCF qualification and other CCF qualifications as requested by the Contingent Commander. Some of these courses include weekends and may take place out of term time;

· The candidate must possess excellent organisational and administration skills and a thorough knowledge of IT;

· Effective communication skills, both written and verbal are essential;

· The candidate must be able to motivate and inspire young people to take up the sport and then perform to their full potential with a confident and firm but fair approach.

· The post requires the successful candidate to hold the College Rifle Club’s Firearms Certificate and therefore the successful candidate must not hold any convictions or other circumstances that would disbar them from being issued with a FAC by the Police.

· The post requires the candidate to become an officer in the combined cadet force and therefore there must be no reason why the candidate would not be able to become security cleared.


· A National Rifle Association coaching qualification is desirable;

· Experience and understanding of the cadet Target Rifle calendar and nuances of related competitions and equipment would be desirable.

The selection panel reserves the right to enhance any or all of the desirable criteria to attain a manageable field.

Terms and Conditions


An average of 37.5 hours per week during term time working across the school week including Inset, with additional commitments during the school holiday expected to be up to 3 weeks, times to be agreed with the Head of Department.


Salary based on the hours detailed above term time including Inset plus 3 weeks is circa £33,000-£35,000 per annum reviewed annually, and paid monthly in arrears on 25th of the month.

Volunteer Allowance

Volunteer Allowance (VA) may be available and may be approved for CCF officers and SIs for training/cadet activities away from School, subject to Service policies. The availability of funding is subject to approval by the Contingent Commander.


Accommodation in a shared flat is available at a heavily subsidised fee.


The holiday entitlement is 28 days holiday per annum inclusive of bank holidays increasing by 1 day per annum up to a maximum of 33 days per annum inclusive of bank holidays following 5 years continuous service and pro rated for part time/TTO working. Holiday entitlement has been included in the above salary.


The College operates the Epsom College Automatic Enrolment Scheme. The Scheme is administered by the Pensions Trust. Eligibility is based on statutory criteria. If eligible, the Employee will be required to contribute a minimum of 5% of Basic Salary and the College will contribute 4% in compliance with current legislation.

Employee Benefits

Life Assurance: Members who are automatically enrolled or who choose to opt into the College Pension Scheme will be provided with life assurance cover at two x contractual annual basic salary at no cost to the employee;

Health Care Plan: Private health care plan offered to staff subject to qualifying conditions;

Employee assistance programme: this including free counselling service to employees and close family.

School Fee Discount: Generous school fee discount available subject to qualifying conditions;

Dining Facilities and Refreshments: Whilst at work a free meal and refreshments are available when the dining room is open;

Health Fitness and Wellbeing: Free use of Fitness suite and swimming pool are available to staff at certain times;

Cycle to Work: The College offers an interest free cycle to work loan subject to a qualifying conditions.

Parking: Free car parking for staff is available on campus;

Computer Loan: The College offers an interest free computer loan subject to a qualifying conditions.


In compliance with statutory safeguarding regulations, the post will be offered subject to receipt of satisfactory written references, pre-placement medical assessment, proof of appropriate qualifications, a check of online search engines and websites of publicly available information that does not identify the candidate as potentially unsuitable to work within a school setting, a satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service and overseas police check if appropriate, as well as confirmation that the successful candidate is able to work in the UK. Prior to interview, an online search of internet search engines, websites and other publicly available and accessible platforms to ascertain applicant’s suitability to work within a school environment will be undertaken on candidates that have been shortlisted. Please note whilst the Enhanced DBS check will be paid by the College if an overseas police check is required it will be at the cost of the successful applicant.


Applicants are required to complete the Application for Employment Form available from our website www.epsomcollege.org.uk. To comply with safeguarding statutory procedures when working in a school, CVs will not be accepted. Applicants should refer to the Recruitment, Selection and Disclosure and the safeguarding policies on the College website.

Applications will be assessed in order of receipt and interviews and subsequent appointment may occur at any stage after applications are received. Please apply as soon as possible.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Mr Andy Bustard, Assistant Head: Total Curriculum, via Andy.Bustard@epsomcollege.org.uk for an informal chat/further details.