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We are grateful to all the OEs who have supported current pupils and young OEs as they develop their careers. Advice about where to go next is essential when planning for future employment, and work experience not only gives pupils insight into a possible career, but improves their knowledge and understanding of the skills required by employers.

Benefiting You

Offering work experience can provide a talent pipeline for an employer, raise the profile of opportunities within a company and give scope for employees to develop their management skills.

In addition, young people offer new ideas and fresh ways of thinking, reflecting the interests and needs of the next generation of customers and consumers.

Ways of Supporting

As well as offering advice or work experience, there are plenty of other opportunities for OEs to help pupils, such as participating at the World of Work event for Year 11 pupils and the Work the Room evening for the Lower Sixth, or attending a professional networking event.

Seeking Careers Advice

Many of our OEs offer careers advice and work experience to pupils and graduates.  Details of some OEs who have offered help can be found on the Mentoring page of OEs Connected.

Sixth Form pupils and recent leavers are also encouraged to attend one of the many professional networking events held throughout the year.

There are also several LinkedIn groups OEs may join as follows:

The Next Step

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