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Epsom College is consistently among the UK’s leading schools, based on its performance in public exams. In its last set of league tables, the Department for Education places us in the top 1% nationally. In 2022, we were voted Independent School of the Year (both as the Overall Winner, and as School of the Year for Student Wellbeing).

However, an Epsom education has always been about far more than results alone. We pride ourselves on offering all our pupils every possible opportunity to develop passions and interests that extend far beyond the classroom and last long after they have left school.

Time, Space & Tradition

Following a traditional boarding school model, the school day extends until 6pm and Years 9 and above have lessons and fixtures on Saturday. This provides our girls and boys with the gift of time. The longer days allow all activities, lessons, sports, service in the community and academic extension to take place within the timetable, on our grounds.

The structure and routine of our days and weeks are guided by the philosophy that children learn as much from each other as from adults, and as much outside the classroom as inside. It also means that we can deliver on all the initiatives and values outlined below.

Supportive, Ambitious & Dialogic

We support all our pupils to become the best version of themselves – we extend and enrich, we support and intervene, we encourage independent thinking, and we welcome debate and dialogue. 

The lifeblood of Epsom is conversation. Not just between pupils and their teachers but among themselves. Over lunch, on the way to the sports pitch, before lights-out, conversation permeates every aspect of Epsom life.

We view our pupils as young people. Ready to emerge from Epsom able to talk to just about anyone, in just about any situation, about just about anything. We believe in a great education which prepares our pupils for life beyond the school gates, this isn’t just a luxury – it’s essential.

Diverse, Equal & Inclusive

Our pupils represent a multitude of experiences. Epsom is a melting pot of nationalities, ethnicities, religions, families, sexual orientations and social and economic backgrounds. Individuals from myriad backgrounds, embarking on a collective educational endeavour.

Refugees, children in care and pupils on full bursaries learn alongside those lucky enough to be born into greater privilege. Ukrainians board with Liverpudlians. Kosovans dine with classmates from Kingston. Chinese students enjoy movie nights with friends from Cheam.

This diversity of attitudes and experience, backgrounds and beliefs, means that our pupils develop an interest in and understanding of others. They embrace difference, and revel in the new.

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A Culture of Kindness

True to our founding principles of benevolence and excellence, we strive to instil a culture of respect and kindness. Our pastoral system ensures that no pupil goes unseen. All our staff are mental health first aid trained and every child has a network of adults charged with their care, their mental health, and their wellbeing.

We’re one of only four UK boarding schools to be awarded ‘gold’ for the support we offer pupils, by the Carnegie Centre.

But we also give back, and our pupils work tirelessly each year to support charities, community groups and local schools. On average they volunteer over 8,500 hours, generating over £40,742 in social value.

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