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Every pupil receives first-class guidance for their journey into life beyond Epsom. Our Careers and Higher Education programme begins in a pupil’s first year, and continues as part of their PSHE curriculum. The support increases as pupils move into Year 11 and they start to focus more intently on university destinations, personal statements and relevant work experience.

Year 11

In their final GCSE year, all pupils take part in the Morrisby Careers Programme. Pupils take part in psychometric testing and aptitude profiling, alongside detailed discussions about their interests and academic ability, that involves parents, pastoral staff and academic tutors.

Based on all of the above, each pupil’s individual Morrisby Profile provides detailed guidance and advice on A-level choices and university pathways. 

Once GCSEs are over, pupils are encouraged to seek work experience during the long summer break. The aim is to gain useful and relevant knowledge and skills that may help university applications, or provide useful insight to aid career choices.

Support in Lower Sixth

From ‘World of Work’ evenings, interview training, careers tasters and a varied programme of webinars, seminars and insights into different professions and industries, students access a structured programme of expert careers advice and guidance in Year 12.

This is also the year when university applications are made, and students will be given tailored one-to-one support throughout. Whether that’s UCAS, Oxbridge, Medicine or applications to leading US and international universities. We host a Higher Education Conference and Fair in the Summer Term, which is attended by most top universities and features workshops from admissions tutors.

We even provide support to those pupils who want to gain greater life experience before entering higher education – with ideas for gap years and apprenticeships.

Students are inducted into Unifrog, an online platform that guides students through the university application process, and alternative pathways. Parents also have the opportunity to log-in and can access Unifrog by clicking here.

Support in the Upper Sixth

At the start of Year 13, students are supported in fine-tuning their university applications and personal statements. They receive interview preparation and coaching as required, and students will usually seek the support of subject specialists. We also invite university students and admissions tutors to give talks on student finance and mental wellbeing at university.

Once offers start coming in, guided support is available to help students make informed choices ahead of A-level results day. And – on the big day itself – Heads of Department are available for every student who has missed their grades. 

While the vast majority of students get the grades they want and achieve their first choice university, those who miss out will be given every possible assistance. There is immediate advice on hand: whether to re-mark, who to call, whether to look at Clearing, and so on. There is a workshop in September to assist and support any student who needs to begin the UCAS process again.

Careers Handbook

For detailed guidance on the support available throughout the whole of your child’s time at Epsom, you can download the Careers Handbook.

Careers Handbook

Careers Bulletin

We produce a Careers Bulletin five times a year. This comprehensive round-up of the latest opportunities and advice for the world of work is made available to all pupils and parents. Click below to access the most recent editions.

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