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There should be no barrier to an Epsom education. Our school was founded on the principles of ‘benevolence and excellence’ and we follow through on that promise today. We will endeavour to help any pupil who has the potential but not the financial means to join our College.

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Our Guiding Principles

Dr John Propert founded Epsom College on the principles of benevolence and excellence. His aim was to feed, clothe and educate the sons of medical men and women who had fallen on hard times.

The same principles guide the school today. We want to provide an education to those who have the intellectual spark and curiosity to take advantage of everything Epsom has to offer, to those who have the drive and determination to give something back to the school community and to wider society – regardless of their financial position.

£2m of support offered to families last year
76 pupils benefit from bursaries each year on average
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75% more than half of pupils offered a bursary receive support of 75% or more of their fees
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Breaking Down Barriers

Last year, we offered just under £2m of support to families. 76 pupils benefited from bursaries, with more than half receiving support of 75% or more of their fees.

We are continually improving and building the level of support we can offer, and have plans to help more families in the years to come.

Driving Social Mobility

Epsom enjoys a long-standing partnership with social mobility charity, the Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation. This charity helps to identify and support children of talent and ability from disadvantaged backgrounds who would benefit from a boarding education. 

As a partner school, we have taken a number of SpringBoard students into our Sixth Form, covering all fees and providing full boarding. While it is true to say that these pupils gain from an Epsom education, the benefits are mutual and each student has brought a great deal to our school.

Refugees & Looked After Children

In addition, we started work with Surrey County Council in 2019 to offer support to looked after children. Children with talent and potential who are being looked after are offered a boarding place at Epsom, and given tailored care and support that takes their specific needs into consideration. We expanded this programme in 2022, offering a full boarding place to a student who had to flee from Afghanistan following the 2021 Taliban-led coup, and children from Ukrainian families displaced as a result of the Russian invasion.

How to Apply

If you feel your circumstances qualify you for financial support, we would encourage you to read our guidance for means-tested bursaries.

Funds are limited, therefore we advise you to apply 6-12 months before your child enrols at Epsom. If your child is already a pupil here, and your financial circumstances have changed, please speak to the Bursar at the earliest opportunity.

Even if no more funds are available, or you don’t qualify for a bursary, there may be other means of support available.

Download an application formGuidance for means-tested bursaries

If you require further information regarding bursaries then please contact the bursar.

Additional Sources of Help

The Royal Medical Foundation is an independent charity headquartered at the College. The charity assists doctors and their families by providing, among other things, assistance with education costs (both at the College and at other schools).

You may qualify for support toward school fees from The Royal Medical Foundation if you:

  • are resident in the UK
  • are in ‘reduced circumstances’ (defined by the charity as “having a proven financial need due to little in the way of income or saving”)
  • and if one of the following applies to you:
  1. You are a doctor who is, or has been, GMC-registered.
  2. You are a dependent of a doctor who is, or has been, GMC-registered.
  3. You are a doctor qualified outside the UK who is currently GMC-registered and have been working in the UK for three years prior to applying.

If you believe you may qualify for support, please click on the button below and complete the online form.

Apply to the Royal Medical Foundation