Exam Results & Destinations | Epsom College

We are proud of our academic reputation, and we celebrate our students’ personal successes. A*s are great for league tables, but the real value of an Epsom education can be found in the student who gets a grade or two higher than they ever thought possible, or the pupil who is supported from lacking confidence in a subject to becoming passionate about it.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a steady rise in academic standards at Epsom. Without resorting to gaming the system, becoming highly selective or culling out students post GCSE, the College has strengthened its academic culture, focused on the quality of teaching as well as supporting students extremely effectively to achieve their very best.

Of particular note are the College’s value-added results. These are a tribute to the hard work of both students and staff and demonstrate how we take our pupils further than they could have imagined. In the last published tables from the Department for Education, Epsom was in the top 1% of all UK schools for the value we add to a child’s education.

Exam Results

A-levels 2023

  • 59% of all exams graded A*-A
  • 86% of all exams graded A*-B
  • Over a third of all students achieved a clean sweep of A*-As


A-levels 2023, by subject

SubjectNo. of pupilsA*-AA*-B
Computer Science1155%82%
Design Technology875%88%
Drama & Theatre Studies3100%100%
English Literature3540%80%
Further Maths1385%100%
Physical Education2250%77%
Religious Studies1958%95%

GCSEs 2023

  • 83.4% of GCSEs were awarded 7-9 (A-A*)
  • 63% are 8-9 (A*)
  • 45% of all pupils achieved a clean sweep of the top grades of 7-9 (A-A*)

Leavers' Destinations

Our Sixth Form is an important bridge to higher education. Our dedicated team provides students with one-to-one mentoring for applications to UK, US and international universities, as well as specialist support for aspiring Medics and Oxbridge candidates.

In 2023, almost 80% of students were accepted to their first choice university. 100% of those applying to US universities were offered a place. 

Over the past five years:

  • around 10% were offered places at Oxford or Cambridge
  • 77% attended a Russell Group university (Imperial, Durham, UCL and Exeter being the most popular)
  • 8% to US universities including MIT, NYU, USC and Northwestern
  • 5% to other international universities, including UHK and Sorbonne.