Our Values | Epsom College

Guiding everything we do at Epsom are our College values.

Every pupil, teacher and member of the College community is expected to embody these values. They shape the way we relate to others and the way we conduct ourselves. They help to create a successful, harmonious community.

They also act as an important reminder of our College’s heritage.

In 1855, Dr John Propert’s vision was to build a College to house, feed, clothe and educate the widows and orphans of medical men – a treacherous profession at the time. His guiding principles were ‘benevolence and excellence’ and they have remained at the heart of the College ever since.

Almost 170 years later, our pupils have taken inspiration from Dr Propert’s founding vision to develop the College’s core values. They show us how to lead successful 21st Century lives while honouring and respecting our College’s philanthropic past.


We look out for and support each other, and we are gentle on ourselves. In everything we do, we are considerate, inclusive and treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

How We Help Others


We strive to achieve our best in all that we do. We are open-minded and prepared to challenge ourselves, embracing as many opportunities as possible. We are also ambitious for others – encouraging friends, peers and colleagues to do their best and celebrating when they find success.

Opportunity & Enrichment


We are honest in our dealings with everyone. We always try to do the right thing – even when that might be the more difficult path, and even when no one is looking. We have positive personal morals and principles, which we follow at all times.

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