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From Year 9, all pupils belong to one of 13 Houses. Each House is a physical building where pupils meet, relax, eat endless snacks and form lasting friendships.

Epsom’s boarding school model gives pupils the time and space to develop friendships, interests and discover themselves as they move through their teenage years. All our pupils benefit from this system – regardless of whether they are a boarder or a day pupil.

Each house is structured the same – with Matrons, Housemasters/Housemistresses and their Deputies, plus a team of Tutors. The only difference is that day pupils have study rooms, while boarders have bedrooms.

Around 60% of our pupils are day pupils. The 40% who board are comprised of weekly boarders from local families, and full boarders from overseas.

The school day runs from 8.20am-6pm, and provides a packed programme of academic lessons, games, clubs, societies, Duke of Edinburgh, and service in the community. To have time for everything we offer, we run Saturday school, with three lessons on Saturday mornings, followed by sport in the afternoon.

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Boarding Life
Boarding Life

Boarding at Epsom gives your child access to everything we have, round-the-clock. By removing the commute there's more time with friends, to relax, use our facilities and study with the support of our teachers.

Flexible Boarding

Parents often ask if we offer flexi-boarding. We don’t. For weekly boarders we go one better and offer flexible boarding.

The bed is yours whenever you want it, but the nights spent at the College are yours to choose.

We know parents and families lead busy lives. That’s why weekly boarding for many is the perfect solution – less time spent commuting – plus:

  • dedicated time and support for homework – with access to teachers (the subject specialists!) 
  • all meals are sorted  
  • downtime is spent with friends, within all the facilities our College offers 
  • our overnight ‘no phone’ policy promotes better digital hygiene 

But we also know the value of parents spending quality time with their children. While we recommend four nights each week are spent in the boarding house – to help form strong friendships – families are entirely free to choose whether their child sleeps at College or at home.

£15m+ modernising all Houses in the last six years
70-80 pupils in each House
13 single-sex Houses

A Day In One of Our Houses

8 AM

Start of Day

Boarders have breakfast in the Dining Hall, while Day pupils start arriving from 8am. All pupils start the day in their House, catching up with friends and meeting their Tutor - a crucial part of the pastoral care we provide.

9 AM


After assemblies, Chapel, or dedicated time with their Tutor, your child's lessons begin. Each period is 50 minutes in length.

10.45 AM


Your child returns to their House for break time. The toasters and kettles go into overdrive, as pupils refuel and catch up with friends.

12.55 PM


All pupils eat lunch in the Dining Hall, with mealtimes staggered by year group, with the rest of the time spent around the College grounds or within the House - resting, studying, or socialising.

2 PM


Afternoons start with registration in the House before heading off to lessons or games (depending on the day).

3.45 PM

Afternoon Tea

Back to the house for a final chance to refresh and regroup before a couple of hours of activities, clubs or societies. On Wednesday, in Year 10 and above, pupils take part in CCF, Duke of Edinburgh, or Service.

6 PM

School Day Ends

The formal school day ends at 6pm, with registration in Houses. Day pupils are then free to leave, with College transport departing at 6.15pm. Supper is available in the Dining Hall until 7pm.

10 PM

Lights Out

With prep out of the way, and relaxation and socialising complete, bedtimes begin. For Year 9, this is at 10pm; Year 10, 10.10pm; Year 11, 10.20pm; and for Sixth Form, 10.30pm.

Lower School

Our Lower School provides pupils in Years 7-8 with the perfect stepping stone between Primary and Prep school and life in Senior School.

Because we carefully curate this ‘soft landing’, pupils who join us in Year 7 begin their time at Epsom as day pupils in the purpose-built Lower School. This allows us to design a curriculum and pastoral system tailored to the unique needs of our youngest pupils.

At the end of Year 7 we run a three-day boarding taster event, with pupils living the lives of boarders – beds, breakfasts, suppers and all. Those who then fancy the boarding life full-time are offered a priority boarding place at the College from Year 9, ahead of new joiners.


Find out more about each of our 13 Houses. Take a short video tour, learn more about the Housemaster or Housemistress, meet the Matron and this year’s Head of House.

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