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The Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide is written for parents, by parents. They visited Epsom, observed lessons, walked our grounds, inspected our facilities and took a good look in our Boarding and Day Houses. They interviewed teachers, pupils and parents, and – thankfully – loved what they saw.

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The Telegraph

During lockdown we returned to our roots as a College established to help the medical profession. We turned all our boarding houses into free accommodation for NHS workers, collected donations, manufactured PPE and even assisted the rollout of the vaccinations at Epsom racecourse. 

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Tatler Schools Guide

The team from Tatler cast their eyes on Epsom for their 2023 Schools Guide. They wrote to us immediately after praising the College’s “purpose, dedication and vision” and reflecting that “there was an air of calm and efficiency but also warmth and openness.”

The review that followed speaks in glowing terms of our “commitment to community-building and giving back”, and tells readers that  “Parents are impressed: [they tell us that Epsom is] ‘A happy and caring environment’.”

BBC News

Our rapid, intuitive and tech-savvy approach to remote learning came in for praise from the BBC, as part of their study into the education sector’s response to the pandemic. “First-mover advantage”, they said, from “a grand Private School”.

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ISI Reports

In our last Full Inspection, the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) gave the College a perfect score in every single category.

Most importantly, the Educational Quality part of the Full Inspection assesses the quality of pupils’ achievements and the quality of pupils’ personal development. Inspectors made ‘no recommendations’ for future improvement – an incredibly rare outcome.

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The ISI inspected Epsom in December 2021, and undertook a Progress Monitoring Report in November 2022 to determine our compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations. Following the Progress Monitoring Report, Inspectors found the College to be fully compliant with all regulations and National Minimum Standards.

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