Chapel | Epsom College

Our beautiful Chapel of St Luke stands at the heart of the Epsom College community. Its position, prominent in front of the main College buildings, serves as a reminder that Chapel is central to everything we do in the school. It underlines our Christian heritage, ethos and values. 

Open to All

The Chapel is open every day and accessible to every member of the school community. A variety of services are offered throughout the week and reflect the diversity of liturgy to be found in the Christian year. Morning prayers are offered for the School on a daily basis.

Many Old Epsomians often return to the Chapel. Sometimes this is just to sit where they once sat as pupils, but for many the return can be for the celebration of their marriage.

For those within the school during term time, Chapel is often seen as a place of quiet sanctuary – a space that offers the opportunity for drawing breath and reflection at busy times. For all of us here, Chapel is more than just the building: it reflects the sense of love at the heart of what it means to be a community.

The Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is an important part of Pastoral Care at Epsom College. The Chaplains are trained in this specialist area and appointed by the Bishop and the Head.

At Epsom, we have a wide diversity of skills and religious traditions within the Chaplaincy team. They care for the whole School and also the liturgical occasions for the Christians who attend Chapel.

Working closely with the School’s Muslim Imam and Hindu Priest, we are able to offer a multi-faith Chaplaincy for the whole School community.

The Chaplaincy Team

  • Senior Chaplain: Revd Canon A Haviland
  • Associate Chaplain: Revd Canon A Esdaile
  • Assistant Chaplain: Mrs R Catterall
  • Hindu Chaplain: Ms M Joshi
  • Muslim Chaplain: Dr H Hammuda


The Sacrament of Confirmation is available to all pupils and staff at Epsom College, irrespective of age or year. Preparation classes take place during the Lent Term. Pupils are encouraged to sign up for the Confirmation activity slot, which operates during the working day. The Senior Chaplain leads in the preparation and delivery of these classes.


Senior Chaplain: Revd Canon Andrew Haviland