Pastoral Care | Epsom College

Throughout your child’s time at Epsom, they are supported by an extensive network of staff who are responsible for their emotional and physical wellbeing. 

This network includes all of the teaching staff, the majority of whom are House tutors. The Houses each have a Housemaster or Housemistress, a Deputy Housemaster/Mistress, a Matron, and Tutors for every 8 or 9 pupils.

Key pastoral staff have received Mental Health First Aid training, which is regularly updated as part of a wider programme of seminars, workshops and training on issues relating to teenage mental health.

Epsom's Houses

Your child’s House becomes their second family. It’s a tight-knit community of young people who encourage, console, share and laugh together. 

All students are members of a House, whether they are day or boarding pupils. Each House is single-sex, and home to roughly 80 pupils, from Year 9 to Upper Sixth.

Each House is a physical building, offering a sense of sanctuary and community. Each one is led by a Housemaster or Housemistress, alongside their Deputy and the all-important Matron. There are also Tutors, who look after 8 or 9 pupils.

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‘Gold’ Award for Mental Health Excellence

Epsom College has been awarded ‘Gold’ for its outstanding whole-school approach to the mental health and wellbeing of its pupils, staff and wider community. Over 1,000 schools have entered, but Epsom is one of only four boarding schools to be awarded the highest prize.

The awarding body – the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools – spent two years assessing every aspect of our pastoral care. They judged how well we looked after the mental health and wellbeing of all members of our community, the level of expertise and training in place, and how well we shared our knowledge and best practice with other schools and agencies locally, nationally and globally.

“With an ethos of serve, share and care, Epsom provides a holistic approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing in their community and beyond,” said Tracy Shand, at the Carnegie Centre. “Students clearly feel listened to and empowered. In fact, youth empowerment in mental health is a key theme at Epsom. For example, Sixth Form students being trained as national ambassadors and providing peer-to-peer support.”

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Sense of Community

We want young people to join us full of potential and to leave us successful and fulfilled, with a sense of connection to a supportive, nurturing community.

70% of our staff live onsite with their own families. This adds a unique quality to the life of the College, which at times feels like an extended family sharing together, caring for each other.

In addition, our Boarding School routine means we have an abundance of time, which helps pupils to strengthen bonds with one another and with staff. They aren’t just alongside each other in class, they play together and try out new activities and experiences together. Seeing pupils learn and engage with challenges in different settings means that we get to know each pupil as a fully rounded individual. 

The Medical Centre

We have a fully staffed Medical Centre, open 24/7 during term time, with a team of nurses and doctors available for advice, guidance and support. GP Surgeries are held each morning from 8-8.30am.

The Medical Centre is also home to our two College Counsellors, and our Physiotherapist. The counselling service is available to all pupils and completely confidential. 

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