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In 1877, Sir Henry Morris (1855-59) and Sir Frederick Taylor (1855-59), who maintained a strong friendship throughout life, together with Francis John Marshall (1856-1861) and William Warwick Wagstaffe (1855-59), called a meeting at St James Hall, Piccadilly “for the purpose of organising a club which has as its object, the occasional meeting of those who have been educated at the College”.

More than 100 Old Epsomians attended and it was decided to hold dinners in March, July and December, which should not cost more than five shillings a head exclusive of wine, and that there should be an entry fee of one guinea with no annual subscription.

Morris was elected Treasurer, a post which he only gave up at the 40th meeting in 1919, and Taylor served as Secretary until 1886. Each dinner, which soon became biannual, was chaired by a different member and Goodhart, a regular attendee, took his turn in 1880.

The Epsomians Club, as it was first known, flourished with a regular influx of new members, although they declined to admit College masters in 1882, to their great annoyance, and like all clubs it has had difficult times. The vision of these founders started an organisation which has become an institution of great benefit to Epsom College and its members.

The OE Club Committee

The OE Club Committee meets three times a year at the College. All OEs are very welcome to put themselves forward for committee membership. Younger members are particularly sought, so if you would like to assist in driving the Club forward for the benefit of the wider College community, please get in touch.

If you would like to contact any of the Committee members, please get in touch via the OE Club.

Christian Elliott (Fa 1991-96)

Past President
Ian Cunliffe (Cr 1970-74)

Vice Presidents
Alan Hagdrup (Cr 1944-50), Peter Hakim (Cr 1951-56), Trevor Sears (R 1961-66)

Honorary Treasurer
Ian Hargrave (R 1973-77)

Magazine Editor
Carol Miller

Cricket Representative
Harry Williams (P 2011-16)

Football Representative
Alistair Morris (Rn 2006-11), Max Page (G 2003-08)

Golf Representative
Adam Maurice (Fa 1998-03)

Lodge Representative
Paul Golding (F 1991-96)

Shooting Representative
Jeremy Dodd (Cr 1973-78)

1950s Representative
John Collier (P 1955-60)

1990s Representative
Clare Jeens née Huxter (Wh 1997-99)

Common Room Representative


OE Trust Fund Trustees
Christian Elliott & Ian Hargrave

OE Club Co-Ordinators
Lottie Whittles-Jackson
Sam Darwish
Tamsyn Carter



01372 821294

OE Merchandise

The College Store sells a number of OE items including ties, tie pins, cufflinks, blazer material and scarves. To see the full range and price list, please click here.

In term time, the College Store is open 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 12.00pm on Saturday. Opening hours are reduced during the holidays.

For further details of any of the items or to enquire about postage and packing costs, please contact James or Jill on 01372 821122 or at shop@epsomcollege.org.uk