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Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

In a year of unprecedented difficulties and challenges, Epsom College computer scientists have once again excelled in the annual Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge, which is sponsored every year by University of Oxford and RaspberryPi Foundation.

In all age categories, Epsom’s pupils achieved an average number of points significantly above the country and Surrey average, showing the tremendous potential and skill our students continue to have in problem solving.

Our pupils competed against 225,000 students across the country, in all age categories.

A staggering number of students – 74 in total – qualified in the top 10% in the country in their age category, and earned a Gold Award.

These pupils will now be invited to participate in the next round of the competition, called The Oxford University Computing Challenge:

The printed certificates will be waiting for these students to return to their classrooms, and will be issued as soon as possible.

Massive congratulations to all certificate winners, and remember that problem-solving skills demonstrated in such competitions are at the core of current advanced technology, and if developed consistently, you could be at the forefront of the next technological advancement.

A special mention to Best in School winners as follows, per age category:

  • Reuben Smith (Wa) – Third Form – JUNIORS
  • Rosie Hickinbotham (M) – Middle Fourth – INTERMEDIATES
  • Matthew Buhagiar (Rn) – Fifth Form – SENIORS
  • Lydia Yang (Wh) – Upper Sixth – ELITE

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By Sorina Biletchi – Head of Computing