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International Women’s Week

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day. The school-wide event saw posters of inspirational women displayed around campus to generate discussion; the library had a display of relevant authors; and the catering department created purple and white sweet treats – the campaign colours.

Epsom’s campaign aimed to celebrate what feminism means in the 21st Century. Namely: equal rights for men and women. As a result, we focused on gender equality, not only in the school, but also in the workplace as our students plan their futures.

In PSD lessons and assemblies, we celebrated the best, brightest and most incredible women who have inspired us, and explored the new meaning of feminism, and equal rights and opportunities for men and women.

Visitors included Allison Havey from the RAP Project talking about assault prevention: Angela Rigby, a Pranic Healer, with a session on therapy and healing; and Emily Drew from on staying safe when out in the community. Marisa Bosa, Head of Geography, shared her views on what a 21st century feminist looks like.

The mantra for International Women’s Day is to celebrate the women who have changed the way we look, lead, think, love, connect, kick back and fight for what we believe in.