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Nottingham University Visit

The OE Club visited Nottingham University to host a gathering for our most recent leavers.

Last night was the first of our planned OE University Visits and we were delighted to kick start in Nottingham with a brilliant group of students! 

We welcomed OEs in their first, second and even fourth year of studies at Nottingham and it was wonderful to see that the strong bond of the College keeps our recent leavers so connected. 

Our OEs are undertaking ambitious and varied courses, from Aerospace Engineering through to Chemistry and beyond into Master’s education. It was really exciting to hear the individual career plans and we are so proud of our recent leavers for their motivated aspirations. We wish them every success in their chosen paths and can’t wait to catch up again next year. 

We would like to thank everyone who attended for taking the time to reconnect with us and their continued support of the College. 

Our next university visit will take place on the 18th April, at Bath University, followed by Bristol University on the 19th April. Further details can be found here.

For more information, or if you would like the OE Club to organise a gathering at your university, please do contact