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The Animals and the Children Took to the Streets

On Wednesday 6 March, 60 students from our Lower Fourth took a trip to the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith to see 1927’s The Animals and the Children took to the Streets. Like a graphic novel burst into life, the production seamlessly synchronises live music, performance and storytelling with stunning film and animation. The story explores the life of Agnes Eaves and her daughter and their interactions with the residents of the Bayou.

Olivia Rodrigrez (Hu) writes: “The students who liked it said that they found the jokes funny and enjoyed some of the characters, particularly the depressed caretaker. They said that they enjoyed it because it was different and because of the creative use of staging. Some students found the storyline confusing and the characters hard to understand. They did, however, appreciate the unique style of performance and are looking forward to applying it to work in class.”