Registration Fees (Non-Refundable):

  • UK Resident £100
  • Overseas Resident £150

Confirmation of Entry Fee:

  • Parents resident in UK: £3,000 (£2,000 of the Confirmation Fee will be offset against the first term's fees).
  • Parents resident overseas: £3,000 (£2,000 of the Confirmation Fee will be offset against the first term's fees). In addition, a further Fee Deposit of £8,000 will be payable by the start of the Summer Term prior to entry and will be offset against the first term's fees).

Termly Fees for Senior School 2018/19:

  • Full Boarding £12,421
  • Weekly Boarding £11,283
  • Day Pupils £8,422

Termly Fees for Lower School 2018/19:

  • Day Pupils £6,255

School fees are payable termly in advance, usually seven working days before the first day of term. The College encourages payment by Direct Debit, either termly or monthly. The monthly scheme provides a facility to spread payment of the annual fees in equal instalments over 10 months.

These fees cover the normal cost of a pupil's education. Extras such as examination fees, music lessons, private tuition, field courses, certain CCF charges, theatre tickets, holiday trips, social events and some activities are charged termly. Stationery and books are provided, as is laundry for boarders.


School Fees in Advance Scheme

The College operates its own School Fees in Advance Scheme, which offers attractive returns and enables a parent, grandparents or anyone wishing to make provision for a child's education to pay over a lump sum, which is then used for the payment of College fees in future years.

By paying a lump sum in advance of a pupil's entry to Epsom College, it is possible to show a significant saving, depending on interest rates at the time of payment and the length of time before entry to the College. The enhancement on the lump sum is used to pay school fees, thus effectively earning a discount on the fees.

Payment in this way does not guarantee a place in the College.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers about the scheme can be found by clicking on the following link: School Fees in Advance Scheme - FAQs

For more information on the School Fees in Advance Scheme please contact the Bursar, Sarah Teasdale. Email: bursar@epsomcollege.org.uk or telephone: 01372 821133.