Photography and Photography | Epsom College

Photography is offered at GCSE and A-level and consistently achieves strong results. In 2020, a new photography studio opened to provide pupils with state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities.

The studio is separated into two distinct areas. In the first, a fully-equipped studio with professional lighting offers students a professional space in which to create and develop their art. The adjacent design studio contains a suite of fully-specced Apple Macs, with the latest industry-standard software. This enables students to unleash their creativity and to expand and progress their portfolios.

These facilities, allied with experienced and creative ensures that pupils are fully supported in realising their creative potential.


At GCSE we offer Art and Design: Photography with the EDUQAS exam board. Pupils learn various skills like digital photography and photo manipulation using photoshop. Pupils go on to create portfolios based on contextual research and personal investigations. The work is highly individual and creative.  


For A-level we offer Art and Design: Photography with the EDUQAS exam board. This is a rigorous and creative A-level. Students complete an advanced skills course giving experience of varied photographic techniques and processes. Pupils are free to follow whichever artistic path they choose as they start to build their photography portfolios.  

Outside the Classroom

In the Photography department, we encourage pupils to try to get their photos published. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to take photographs of different events for school publications, both in print and online. We also take part in various photography competitions throughout the year.