Epsom College has a proud history. It was founded in 1855 and granted royal patronage by Her Majesty Queen Victoria in the same year. Today it has Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as its patron.

Epsom was borne of one man’s desire to improve the lives of those who had fallen on hard times. Dr John Propert pursued this goal tirelessly, providing the orphans of medical families with free housing, clothing and schooling.

Thanks to the visionary work of Dr Propert, vital funds were raised and the College began life as The Royal Medical Benevolent College. The Victorian values of benevolence and excellence upon which Epsom was founded, remain our guiding principles to this day.

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The Royal Medical Foundation.

The Royal Medical Foundation, based at the College, continues to play an active part in school life. The charitable foundation was built through generosity and a dedication to improving the lives of the individual and society, values which remain at the heart of the College today.

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The Chapel.

Built in 1857, the Chapel of St Luke stands at the heart of the College estate and is a physical reflection of the school’s Christian heritage. Embracing diversity, the College community now includes pupils and staff of many different faiths and beliefs.

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Investment in the school’s infrastructure continued at a remarkable pace during the latter quarter of the 20th century as buildings were upgraded, Houses changed and extended, and a wonderful new Lower School opened in 2016.

Fully co-educational.

The College has been co-educational for more than 40 years, with girls first welcomed to the College in 1976. Since the opening of the Lower School Years 7 and 8 number slightly more girls than boys, something of which we are immensely proud.

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The school now has more pupils than ever before and the number is rising. From September 2017, for the first time in Epsom’s history, the school taught pupils in all school years, from Lower Third (Year 7) to Upper Sixth (Year 13).

The future, The Mermaid.

As we look forward to the type of education required to equip pupils for life in the 21st century, the College needs to adapt, expand and meet those needs head-on. With this in mind, we plan to begin work on The Mermaid in 2020.

The Mermaid is our ambitious £8.4million centre to transform the educational experience of its pupils, with particular focus on the Sixth Form.

Epsom’s vision is to provide much-needed space for academic and cultural enrichment, with seminar rooms, discussion pods and a large study area. The space also features a screening room and a lecture theatre that can accommodate up to 190 students.

Located at the heart of the campus, and spread over 2,000sqm, the new building will equip students with the skills to succeed in the 21st Century. The new facility and the additional support it provides will foster a seamless transition into undergraduate life. Central to this aim is a state-of-the-art careers centre, supported by interview practice rooms.

The Mermaid will also provide students with a much-needed co-educational space for social interaction, relaxation and culture. It will house Epsom’s programme of arts, culture, debates and performances. The café will double as a gallery space, celebrating students’ art and photography.

Headmaster, Jay Piggot, says, “I’m excited by the development and positive trajectory of this College over the last few years.

“For the first time in my tenure, we are being mentioned in the same breath as top independent schools. We now wish to reinforce this success and growth by fashioning a school fit to meet the challenges of future generations.”

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To order the History of Epsom College: Benevolence and Excellence, written by historian Alan Scadding, please call the College Store on 01372 821122.