Main College Booklets.

Guidance For Pupils

New Pupil Information Booklet – Senior School

New Pupil Information Booklet – Lower School

Middle Fourth Choices Booklet

GCSE Information

Main College Policies.

Academic Curriculum Policy

Admissions Policy

Anti-bullying policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Bribery Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Procedure for Parents

Depression Policy

Disability Equality – 3 year plan

Dogs Policy

Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco Misuse Policy

Eating Disorder Policy


Equal Opportunities – Pupils

Exclusions, Removal and Review Policy

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid Policy and Procedures

Gender Pay Gap Statement

Head Injury Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Holiday Course Terms and Conditions

Holiday Courses Cancellation Notice and Cancellation Form

Internal Appeals Procedures

Management of Medicines for Pupils in Boarding

Mental Health Policy

Outline of English as an Additional Language Provision

Outline of Academic Support Provision

Photography and Video of Pupils Policy – Guidance for Staff

Pupils’ Use of ICT Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Equipment

Privacy Notice for Parents

Privacy Notice for Pupils

Provision of Medical Care

Pupils Healthcare Scheme

Risk Assessment for Medicine

Risk Assessment Policy for Pupil Welfare

Safeguarding Pupils Who May Be Vulnerable to Extremism

Search Policy

Self Harm Policy


Social Media Policy

Sports Supplement Policy

Statement of Aims

Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

Supervision of Pupils Policy

Supervision of Lower School Pupils Policy

Supervision of School Buses

Terms & Conditions

Use of the Internet Rules for Pupils

Whistleblowing Policy