The College continually reviews the way in which access to an education at Epsom College can be extended further to allow talented children with less financially fortunate families to benefit from the superb education that the College offers. The value of each bursary varies dependent on need, but can be equivalent to up to 100% of the fees.  

This academic year, 55 College pupils are in receipt of means-tested support with 50% of bursary awards worth 75% or more of the annual College fees.

This support is provided with the help of the Education Trust, Epsom College Bursary Funds, The Old Epsomian Club and other generous benefactors. 

How to apply for a Bursary.

If you feel that your particular financial circumstances qualify you for financial assistance, we encourage you to read the guidance we publish.

Funds are limited and therefore you are advised to apply 6-12 months before your child enrols at the College. If your child is already at Epsom, and your financial circumstances have changed, please speak to the Bursar at the earliest opportunity.

There may be other solutions available to help parents in financial difficulty even if they do not qualify for a bursary, or there are no funds available for a particular academic year.

Download a Bursary Application Form

guidance for bursary applicants

Contact the Bursar

Additional sources of support.

The Royal Medical Foundation is an independent charity headquartered at the College.

The charity was founded by Act of Parliament in 1855 by Dr John Propert, initially to provide housing for 100 pensioners (doctors or their widows) and a school for their sons. The charity and school both grew and proved highly successful. The school evolved into Epsom College, and the charity still assists doctors and their families by providing financial assistance with pensions, regular one-off payments and assistance with education costs (both at the College and at other schools).

You may qualify for support toward school fees from The Royal Medical Foundation if you:

  • are resident in the UK
  • are in ‘reduced circumstances’ (defined by the charity as “having a proven financial need due to little in the way of income or saving”)
  • and if one of the following applies to you:
  1. You are a doctor who is, or has been, GMC-registered.
  2. You are a dependent of a doctor who is, or has been, GMC-registered.
  3. You are a doctor qualified outside the UK who is currently GMC-registered and have been working in the UK for three years prior to applying.

If you believe you may qualify for support, please click on the button below and complete the online form.

Apply to the Royal Medical Foundation